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How to Dry and Diffuse Curly Hair

One of the age-old questions for many curly people is, “How do I dry my curly hair?” We wish we could give you a simple answer, but the truth is, it’s totally up to you! We may not be able to tell you which technique to choose but we can walk you through the options so you can make the best decision, whether you’re looking for volume, definition, or both!


Our DevaFuser was designed to have 360-degree airflow to get right to the roots for volume and to speed up the drying process, because roots tend to take the longest to dry. We recommend setting your hair dryer temperature at either cool or medium heat while at medium or low speed. These settings will get your curls dry without disturbing them too much to prevent unwanted frizz that may occur if the heat and speed are too high.

To encourage volume when you’re diffusing tilt your head over and then diffuse your roots so they have lift while they dry. If you’re looking for volume and definition, dry your roots first and gently lift your head up. Then tilt your head side to side and use the DevaFuser hand, as if it were your own, and gently scrunch your curls in an upward motion. This method also works great for people with a looser curl texture because it helps encourage curl formation. If you’re someone who likes to break the gel cast after your curls are completely dry, minimize your scrunching motion, bring your head back up, and just hover the diffuser around your head and over your curls to continue drying.

Once your curls are completely dry use High Shine to finish breaking the cast with your hands and fluff at the roots. The oil will help coat your hands to minimize frizz and reduce friction. If you use a hair pick for volume, tilt your head over again and use the hair pick to gently lift at the roots.


This is probably the most painstaking drying option for people with natural hair because it can take a long time. Some hair types take longer than others depending on hair length, density, and even curl type. This is also probably the most common option when it comes to drying curls in the warmer seasons because you just let mother nature do the work for you.

After applying your go-to DevaCurl products we recommend using either the DevaTowel, or the new DevaTwist, to help get rid of excess water. Using your towel, gently scrunch your curls upwards to encourage curl formation all the way to your roots. Making sure you’re getting rid of the excess water at the roots will help you maintain volume as you air-dry and don’t forget to tilt your head over as you do this so you can give your roots a natural lift.

Once your curls are completely dry, go in with High Shine to scrunch out the cast and fluff your curls with your preferred method. Here’s a tip: spray your hair with Set It Free to help seal in moisture and help with definition.

A little bit of both

This one’s all based on trial and error! Just use the tips we shared above and see what your curls look like if you diffused for a little and then air-dried or, alternatively, air-dried and then diffused. You’ll be surprised at how well you may like the results.

How do you like to dry your hair? Let us know your go-to method below!