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DevaTwist Microfiber Towel for Drying Curly Hair | DevaCurl

Have you heard about our new DevaTwist towel wrap yet?!

If not, the first thing you need to know is the DevaTwist is made from the same microfiber material as our DevaTowel which means it’s just as great for curly hair! Whether you air-dry or diffuse, the DevaTwist is going to be your new favorite tool in your hair care routine!

Terry Cloth vs. Microfiber

Terry cloth towels are the towels you take to the beach, pool, and use after the shower to dry yourself off but they are not the towels you should be using to dry or scrunch your curls. A terry cloth towel causes unwanted frizz because the rough material disturbs the hair shaft. Terry cloth towels will also take too much moisture out of your curls and if there’s one thing we know curls need, it’s moisture.

Enter in the microfiber towel! Microfiber is great for curls because it’s a soft material that will not cause excess frizz, it’s great for scrunching your curls while they’re soaking wet to encourage curl formation, and it’ll help retain the moisture your curls crave and need.

Dry like a Deva with the DevaTwist

Our DevaTowel has been in the curly hair game for a while and our community had some feedback for us such as, “I love the DevaTowel but it’s too small.” So, we took what we heard and we made our DevaTowel bigger, better, and with a twist. DevaTwist will keep your curls in place and out of the way so you can conveniently multitask while your curls dry.

Here’s our recommended way of using the DevaTwist:

  1. Tilt your head and curls over after you’ve applied your favorite products, while your hair is still soaking wet
  2. Place the base of the DevaTwist at the nape of your neck and make sure all your curls are inside the towel before twisting.
  3. Twist and fasten the elastic loop around the button for hands-free drying

Here’s a tip: be gentle when twisting so your curls aren’t under a lot of tension.

We’ve also been asked “Can you plop with this?” Of course you can! Instead of placing your curls in the “twist” part of the DevaTwist, just lower your curls while your head and curls are tilted over, then wrap and fasten. Plopping is simply when you keep the curls at the top of your head while in a microfiber towel to dry. It can help create lift at the roots for those with looser and/or finer textures, encourage curl formation because the curls sit at the top of your head, and it cuts down on the drying time if you’re someone who prefers not to diffuse.

Make sure you grab your DevaTwist, we promise it’s a game changer!

Have any questions about the DevaTwist? Drop them below!


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