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DevaCut Before & Afters That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The DevaCut Before & After - Featured Hero Image

Let’s make one thing super clear, this brand and everything it stands for started in one place: the salon. Our first Devachan salon opened in 1994 in New York City and it is where all of this (*waves frantically around the website*) was born.

The most magical, miraculous thing to ever come out of Devachan? The highly coveted DevaCurl haircut aka the DevaCut. If you don’t believe me there are 28,000 posts on Instagram using #DevaCut to prove you wrong. (And might I remind you that Instagram is only 6 years old, Devachan is 22. That is 16 years of missing hashtags people).

Curly girls everywhere are obsessed with the DevaCut. And you want to know why? Because it is GENIUS. Not to toot the DevaCurl horn or anything but: BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

Seriously though, you walk into a typical salon and they cut every texture the same way. Hair gets wet, it’s pulled straight, and then cut. And this is fine for people with straighter hair, but when you have curls a cut like this usually results in an uneven disaster. Because hello, no two curls are the same, and pulling them straight doesn’t exactly account for the way your texture varies. And last I checked, we don’t wear our hair wet so why on earth would we want to cut it that way?  The traditional haircut just doesn’t work, which is why the stylists at Devachan knew they had to do something different.

Enter one genius idea: dry cutting. By cutting the hair dry, in its natural state, stylists are able to cut the curls where they live naturally, and thus create a beautiful shape. This is the simple, but LIFE CHANGING concept behind the DevaCut. (And it may be the only time EVER that the answer to a curly girl’s problem wasn’t more water).

And now we’re sharing with you BUNCHES of before and after’s because hey, maybe you need a little inspiration. Check it out:

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Now I know what you’re thinking—where can I get this cut?! (That is, if you haven’t already). Devachan salons – there are two in New York City. You can book an appointment at any of those salons right here. Don’t live there? Don’t cry. It’s going to be okay. There are hundreds of Deva-trained stylists across the country, and you can find them using the DevaCurl Stylist Finder. There are three levels of training: Inspired, Advanced, and Certified (Certified being the highest level).

Already booked your cut and want to know the do’s and don’ts of how to arrive, or learn about what to expect? Check out this post.

If you have gotten a DevaCut, share your experience (and your before and after photos!) with us in the comments below.



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