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DevaCurl Did More Than Save My Curls

I will never forget the day my big sister, Aubrie, discovered DevaCurl.  She had spent the day binge watching YouTube videos, saw SunkissAlba’s DevaCut and fell in love.

After years of struggling with our curls we knew, this was it—we needed DevaCuts and DevaCurl!  So, we decided to save up and start our journeys together. We were so excited.

But, before our curly dreams could come true, Aubrie was in a car accident. And on July 12, 2013, she was promoted to a curly angel in heaven. It’s a day I try to not remember, but it’s one I can’t forget.

My sister and I did EVERYTHING together. We talked every single day. She was confident and outgoing. During my own struggle with insecurity she always talked me up. She held my hand through it all.
What was I supposed to do now?

After her accident, I tried to do my hair, but I realized that no matter how it turned out I wouldn’t get to hear what Aubrie thought (she could ALWAYS tell if I did something different). And so for a while I gave up on my curls. More than ever before, I struggled with depression.

One day, I turned to social media and found the curly community. I discovered DevaCurl’s SuperCream challenge and it felt like a message from Aubrie, telling me I had to keep pursuing our curly dreams.

So I decided to dedicate myself to the challenge and my hair, and my life completely changed.  Suddenly, I had thousands of other girls to talk curls with! It felt like talking to my sister again. For so long I felt like I was alone, but that feeling was finally gone.

For the first time I got to help other people on their journeys, the way Aubrie always helped me. I started to feel the same confidence Aubrie always had.

I didn’t win the SuperCream challenge (I was a runner up!) but Aubrie must have worked some magic for me. I ended up getting flown to Devachan Salon in NYC to be featured on one of DevaCurl’s Spring Curl Kits. And I got the DevaCut we both dreamed about (thanks Ed!).

When I think of how Aubrie and I would sit and dream about our curl journeys, I realize that more than just our dreams came true and I can’t help but get goosebumps.

DevaCurl helped me realize Aubrie is still holding my hand. She’s never left my side and is with me every day spreading the curl love! Devacurl ended up not only saving my curls, it saved me❤

Felicia Dickerson has called Fayetteville, North Carolina home since she was five years old. She married Gerren Jones in July of 2008, and is a mother to Geno, Gerren Jr, and Gianna, and an aunt to Braylen, Jacoy Jr, Keion, and Zayden. She is also the co-owner of F.A.D Cake Boutique, an online custom cake boutique that was created by her, her sister, Aubrie, and their best friend, Danisha. When she isn’t being a mom or baking cakes, Felicia is offering curly hair advice to curlies around the world. In the future, she plans to pursue her cosmetology license so she can travel and give hands on hair help. 

The DevaCurl team wants to thank Felicia for sharing her story, and now we want to open up the conversation to our community. What do your curls mean to you? Share with us in the comments.



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