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DevaCurl Product Porosity Guide

Hair porosity refers to how easily your hair absorbs and retains moisture. There are different levels of porosity—low, normal, and high.

Low porosity means that your curls don’t retain moisture easily and may dry faster than normal. Normal porosity means that your hair accepts and retains moisture easily. And high porosity hair tends to become wet easily and weighed down with the weight of water. You can learn more about hair porosity here.

It’s important to know your porosity type to customize your product routine to what works for your hair. Today on the blog, we’re breaking down what DevaCurl products you should be using for your porosity type so you can ensure you’re getting the necessary moisture!

Low Porosity

Keep in mind that with low porosity hair, you want to try to keep the moisture in and the buildup out. This means that your product routine should always include water-soluble products. Also, high-protein treatments may not be the way to go with low porosity hair as proteins can sit on top of the strands and actually make them feel more dried out.

Here are some great DevaCurl products to try if you have low porosity hair:

Normal Porosity

Since your curls can absorb and retain moisture easily, what products your curls need can really range on your specific hair issues as you may need moisture, protein, hold, or definition! We recommend balancing your routine with a mixture of products that boost moisture, protein, and hold until you find what works for you!

Check out these DevaCurl products for normal porosity hair:

High Porosity

Because high porosity hair wets easily and can become weighed down with products that attract moisture, it’s always best to avoid humectant products. These products tend to attract water and weigh it down even more. Even though high porosity hair may soak up water, it can lose moisture just as fast. Adding a protein treatment can help strengthen and seal strands to keep in moisture.

The best DevaCurl products for high porosity hair are ones that provide moisture but are lightweight:

Have you tested your hair porosity yet? Have you customized your product routine to fit your hair porosity? Sound off in the comments!


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