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How To Deep Condition Curly Hair Like A Pro

A deep conditioner is like a good car service app—try it once and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. This is especially true for those of us whose natural hair texture is curly. We’re more likely to deal with dryness because our hair texture makes it harder for natural oils to travel all the way down to the ends. If you’ve noticed that your curls are craving moisture, (curls are looking dull, you have annoying flyaways, and maybe even a little breakage), you probably need a deep conditioning treatment. May I suggest Heaven in Hair? It’s made for all curl types and formulated for extremely dry curls. Add this rich, creamy deep conditioner to your curly hair routine and watch your strands morph into the silky, perfectly hydrated curls of your dreams.

DevaCurl Heaven In Hair works wonders for deep conditioning hair

An at-home deep conditioning treatment using Heaven in Hair will help get your natural hair looking its best. The ultra-moisturizing deep conditioning formula is packed with a trio of naturally nourishing butters: cupuaçu to provide lasting hydration, murumuru to prevent breakage and boost shine, and cacao to soften and condition like nobody’s business. Your parched curls will soak it right up!

DIY tips how to use deep conditioning hair treatment like a pro

You can use Heaven in Hair as directed (smooth it onto strands after cleansing and leave it on for up to a half hour), or you can try a few tricks to kick the pampering up a notch.

How to apply a deep conditioning hair mask

As for regular application, don’t just glob on Heaven in Hair haphazardly—proper distribution of the conditioner is essential. Use your fingers to thoroughly cover every curl. Steer clear of your roots to avoid weighing them down, and put most of the conditioner on your hair from mid-lengths to ends. This is the oldest part of your hair, so it tends to be drier and more fragile.

When to use DevaCurl deep conditioner

When you’re staring into that tub of mint green goodness, you might be tempted to use Heaven in Hair every single wash-day. But take note: overloading your curls with too much moisture can take away the bounce. Instead, strike the right balance by taking your natural curl type into consideration. If your curls are fine, use Heaven in Hair once a week. Got hair to spare? Applying deep conditioner twice a week is totally fine.

How to deep condition hair using a plastic shower cap

When your hair is in need of moisture, apply the deep conditioner and then slip on a plastic shower cap to pump up the effectiveness of the ingredients. Or, help the conditioner to really penetrate by warming things up. Heat opens the cuticle, allowing the conditioner to go even deeper into your strands. Simply wrap up your hair in a damp towel, or put on a plastic cap, and blast it with your DevaDryer for a few minutes.

How often should you deep condition your hair?

Like most hair care tips, this one is ultimately up to your curls. Though we can give you general guidelines on how to deep condition curly hair, your hair gets the final say. If your hair feels greasy, limp, or weighed down after a few deep conditions, try backing off to a more spaced-out schedule. If you continue having problems with dryness, frizz, and breakage, try upping the frequency a little.

Most people should be conditioning after each wash, or once or twice a week, depending on your wash schedule. For the average person, deep conditioning more often will lead to lifeless hair. If your hair gets over-moisturize, spread out your deep conditioning treatments and use a protein treatment like Deep Sea Repair to balance your hair out. If your hair is frequently damaged (so all you swimmers, dyers, heat-stylers, and out-in-the-sunners), you’ll probably need to condition 2-3 times a week.

Top tip: how to deep condition your hair after a workout

Another good Heaven in Hair trick: Multitask by applying a bit onto damp ends before a workout. Pull your hair into a bun and let the conditioner sit while you rack up miles on the treadmill.

And there you have it! Follow these deep-conditioning how-tos, and you’ll soon be rocking a head full of heavenly curls. To find out why Alicia, one of our favorite curly girls, loves Heaven in Hair, check out the video on the product page.


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