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Keep Your Curls On Point This Fall With Custom Liter Kits!

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The fall season is approaching which means that we have to get ready to adjust to the temperature change. As we inch towards the cool weather, we air out the hoodies and thick blankets we stashed away to help us through the night. We start to protect every inch of ourselves and most importantly, every inch of our curls!

If there’s anything that we learn in our natural hair journey, it’s that the cool, dry weather isn’t always a curly girl’s best friend. With this weather, we have to be extra careful with our strands in order to maintain elasticity. In addition, this can also mean that the hair care routine we have now might not be the one our curls needs in the fall. When it comes to cool and dry weather, we have to pay attention to our curls’s moisture and strength to ensure proper protection. Luckily, DevaCurl has a range of products to help you prepare for fall!

One common practice in the curly community is the mix and match of products from different lines. With a total of over 30 products, the opportunity to experiment with DevaCurl is there. One example is using our Low-Poo Original with One Condition Decadence for for a low-lather experience with a more moisturizing condition. The experimentation of products helps us to discover what truly works for our curls and helps us understand the brand more. The biggest thing to pay attention to is not everyone’s hair is the same. All curls are unique and that includes yours.

With the fall weather, mixing and matching is the perfect opportunity to help keep your curls healthy! If you have your perfect routine that you know works, don’t change it. You know the saying? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! It works for your curls as well.

DevaCurl knows that the way everyone takes care of their curls is different. In the end, they are your curls. So, for the first time ever, DevaCurl is letting you choose any two liter sized cleanser & conditioner, along with a choice of a full sized styler for $92! It’s the price of one of our curated liter kits but with a personalized twist and the styler is free!. That means that you can mix and match whatever cleanser and conditioner work for you along with a must-have styler. You can even get two conditioners instead of a cleanser if you’re looking to stock up for the winter! This sale will only be around until the 9th of September so grab it while you can!

What’s your favorite Deva combo? Let us know and tell us why!


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