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May the 4th Be With You! Curly Hairstyles Inspired by Star Wars

Before beginning this post, we recommend you open and play this video, it’ll set the mood.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there were a lot of curly girls, whose options for creative, fun curly hairstyles were bizarrely limited. I mean seriously – has anyone googled curly hairstyles on Pinterest? There’s like nothing there.

Luckily there are some rebels among us who dared to challenge the curly norm. And today, we’re bringing you three of their unique styles on May the 4th, aka Star Wars day, because really is there anything more epic?

I’m glad you asked. Yes. Yes there is. Unique curly hairstyles inspired by Star Wars. Today we are embracing our inner-nerds on the DevaCurl blog.

Happy Dance Time:

In all seriousness, these styles are totally wearable, super easy, and perfect for second or third day hair. By the end of this post, you’ll likely be wondering why you didn’t look to Carrie Fisher or Daisy Ridley for curly hairstyle inspiration sooner.

 Rey’s Mohawk Buns

Rey’s stacked bun look translates perfectly to curls, and it couldn’t be any easier. We love how Kalyn stacked her hair to create two large buns.

To get the look, start by separating your hair as you would for a half up, half down style. Wrap an elastic around your hair twice, then wrap it around once more, but don’t pull your curls all the way through. This creates the illusion of a fuller bun. Repeat with the lower half of your hair and secure with additional bobby pins if needed.

For even more fun, check out other variations of bun hawks from Hair Romance right here.

Leia’s Buns Reimagined

Yes, you are Tina Fey.

While Leia’s buns are iconic, they’re probably a bit much for your every day. Enter this adapted style from Camille.

To get the look, create a part in the center of your head, dividing your curls into two equal sections. Take one section, and pull the curls tight at the root, tie your hair into a pony tail. Then wrap the pony tail around itself loosely, so you can still see your curl pattern until a bun is formed. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Then repeat on the other side.

The Braid Crown

We’re going a bit more literal here, teaching you how to create this Dutch braid crown with the help of wavy gal, Zen.

If you’re not familiar with Dutch braids, fear not, Zen’s created a video to guide you through recreating the look. You can check it out right here:

First, start by sectioning off a chunk of hair right above your ear, and split that section into 3 even pieces. Begin braiding by bringing the outer sections in and under the middle piece. Be sure to pull your hair tight.

As you need to add more hair, alternatively pull strands from the top and bottom sections, adding them onto your pieces as you go. Make sure to always pull tight so the braid will stay nice and snug.

Repeat these steps, working your way up the right side of your head, around the top, then down the left side of your head. Once you run out of pieces of loose hair to add in, simply finish braiding your hair to the end and secure with an elastic. Then wrap the loose braid around your head, securing to your head with bobby pins.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below! Oh and may the force be with you! Happy Star Wars Day!