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Curly Hairstyles for the Holiday Season

Hiiiii everybody.

We all know it’s a very festive time of year, and whether you’re singing along with Mariah Carey, Adam Sandler, or just counting down till the ball drops, chances are you’re heading to a holiday party where you need to sleigh (see what I did there? 😉 ).

Thankfully we teamed up with celebrity stylist, David Lopez, and Bustle, to bring you three amazing curly hairstyles just in time.

The best part? These curly updos are super simple—you’ll be ready to go in no time.

When you get home and have to take the bobby pins out…well that’s another story. Sorry guys, some things just can’t be helped.


Curly Hairstyle #1: Grecian Goddess

Aka bobby pins, bobby pins, and more bobby pins.

  1. Divide your hair into two sections, from top of ear to top of ear, secure the top section into a low pony with a clear elastic. If you want, leave a few face-framing curls out, as shown.
  2. Divide the pony into two sections and wrap each section over the other repeatedly to create a double strand twist. Once you reach the end of the pony, wrap the hair around itself into a loose bun, securing in place with bobby pins.
  3. Break the remaining loose hair into sections (between three to five). Twist them slightly and then secure them into the loose bun. When you’re twisting your hair, try twisting the curls under and back versus over and back (twisting under will help keep the look smooth).
  4. Create volume at your crown by gently lifting large sections with your fingers, or a pic, then secure the look with Flexible Hold Hairspray.
  5. Want to take your style up a notch? Accessorize with a glittery ribbon. You can use a leftover piece of ribbon from wrapping paper, or even untie a loose hair band. To secure in place use two bobby pins on each side of the ribbon, creating an X shape. Hide the pins by pinning a loose curl over the bottom of the ribbon.


Curly Hairstyle #2: The Metallic Pony

Have only two minutes to get ready? A few simple tricks help you pump up a traditional pony and will have you looking festive in no time.

  1. Follow along your jaw line, and guide your finger up along the top of your ear. This is where your ponytail should land to best compliment your face shape.
  2. Sleek your hair up and back into a pony, you can use SuperCream to tame fly-aways. Secure with an elastic or bungee cord.
  3. To get the base of your hair sleek, take a kabuki brush or toothbrush and dip it into a pomade like Beautiful Mess. Brush along your edges to tame them.
  4. To help define the base of your pony, cover the elastic with a metallic hair accessory, we used a gold cuff.

Curly Hairstyle #3: Romantic Twists

This looks like a lot of work – but it ACTUALLY takes less than ten minutes. We swear.

  1. Use the arch of your brow as a guide to create a side part.
  2. Section off the top layer of your hair from eyebrow to eyebrow and secure in a loose ponytail with a clear elastic.
  3. Repeat this pattern with sections down the back of your hair until you have four ponytails on top of each other.
  4. Take your top pony, and create an opening at the base, right above the hair elastic. Gently take the ‘tail’ and twist it up, over, and through the loop.
  5. Repeat this with the remaining pony tails.
  6. Twist the hair at the bottom of your last looped ponytail into a bun and pin it into the base of the last pony.
  7. For added volume, gently pull apart each section.

Which one of these looks is your favorite? Do you have any go-to hairstyles for the holidays?

Share with us in the comments below!


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