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The Best Curly Hairstyles for 4th of July

Curly Hairstyles for the 4th of July - Featured Hero Image

It’s time to get into the summer holiday spirit! Eat some potato salad, run through the sprinkler, wave around some sparklers to take cool pictures! And do it all with hairstyles for the 4th of July that will blow away family, friends, and perfect strangers.

Sorry guys I’m just a little excited. The truth is I’m super into holidays. Like I buy my grandmother a card for Saint Patrick’s Day, and we’re not Irish. And when the idea of brainstorming fun things to do with your curls came up for this holiday weekend, I was like YEAH.

Then I went to Pinterest, and looked up curly hairstyles, or at least tried to. There wasn’t much. (Side note: Can someone please explain to the Pinterest search tool that curly styles are not the same as curling iron styles? Thanks.)

Luckily, there are some pretty cool things bopping around the internet that can be a) tweaked to fit different textures and b) adjusted in color palette for July 4th. (There are also a million cute clips that coincidentally our office is now fighting over).

Add summer flair to your curly or wavy style, with a special touch of red, white, and blue accessories! Represent your America with proud natural curls (or waves!) from backyard to lakeside.

May I present, three fun ways to rock your curls this Fourth of July, that take less than 5 minutes. You’re welcome.

Enjoy, and if you attempt them, you better post and tag @devacurl.

Hairstyles for 4th of July - Wavy HairFor the wavies:
You’ll need: A barrette

A quick, simple updo is great for any backyard bash. For this, we took the simple half up, half down-do, and twisted both sides to create the illusion of a mini topsy-turvy ponytail. Then secured the look with a cute, star-spangled barrette.

Plus, if you’re the kind of curlfriend that overheats in the summer sun, it’s easy to tweak this style to get the hair off the back of your neck and allow whatever passes for a breeze to cool you down. Just tuck and twist your waves into a low bun and secure with a hair tie and/or bobby pins.

Hairstyles for 4th of July - Curly HairFor the curlies:
You’ll need: A makeup brush, cosmetic glitter, Flexible Hold Hairspray

Literally anyone can pick up on the glitter roots trend. Any texture, any color, any skill level – it’s all fair game. Start by creating a defined part, then style your hair in your favorite updo (we did a quick twist and clip in the back). Then take a cosmetic brush, dip it in the glitter and apply it directly onto the roots. You can apply a little for a fun, subtle look (seriously it looks really cute, not juvenile, when it’s subtle), or add more (as shown) for something more playful (slash to entertain the teensiest curly girls in your life). Seal the glitter with a bit of Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Hairstyles for 4th of July - Super Curly HairFor the super curlies:
You’ll need: SuperCream, Natural color bobby pins, colored bobby pins, a star barrette (optional)

This look adds a festive twist to the traditional side-slicked look. Slick your hair back with a few pumps of SuperCream, securing sections with bobby pins that match your hair’s natural color. Next create a festive pattern with red and blue bobby pins. For added fun, grab a star-shaped barrette to create a “shooting star” look.



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