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Curly Hair Updos for Fall Fashion

With fall comes cooler weather, changing leaves and not to mention the beginning of everyone’s favorite season—holiday season. As the leaves change colors and the weather changes as well, a rite of passage for us curlfriends is to adapt to the changes and become a chameleon in this ever changing season.

If you’re looking for a few fall-inspired curly styles or color ideas to compliment your autumn wardrobe, look no further! Check out some ideas below.

Braided Updo

If you’re experienced with cornrows or braiding in general, this exciting look can spice up your usual updo or pineapple style. Before styling your hair into your updo, part your hair in the middle of your head and section off two rows or two strands of hair. If you’re experienced with cornrows, start at the beginning of your hairline and braid both sections backwards (separately). Hold the braids down with metal bobby pins until you’re ready to tie your curls up into a pineapple or high bun. Once ready, take the bobby pins out and tie your curls along with the two braids into your desired up-do style. Finish this off by adding a bow near your scrunchie or decorate the middle parting of your hair with hair rhinestones. If you’re inexperienced with cornrowing, grab the two sectioned strands and braid directly down to your ends. Take the two braids and pull them directly back using a metal bobby pin to hold them down. Style your curls into your updo. Use DevaCurl’s Beautiful Mess to style the edges of your hair into your desired look.

Low Bun or Ponytail

This look is quick and easy and can also be styled with seasonal accessories like your favorite Fedora. Use your favorite DevaCurl cream styler on your curls while in the shower. Follow your favorite cream styler with Light or Ultra Defining Gel to hold your curls in place. Once out of the shower, use a microfiber towel to soak up excess water, but don’t soak it all up! You’ll need your hair moisturized to style. Use a soft brush to push your curls back into a low bun or ponytail. Use DevaCurl’s Flexible Hold Hairspray to catch any flyaway curls. If you’re looking for a sleek look, use a head scarf or an old t-shirt to tie around your hair to set your look into place. Pair this look with a hat or a fashionable headscarf (tie this around your scrunchie like a bow).

Pintura or Balayage Curls

If you’re looking for a pop of color, make an appointment with your local professional stylist or at our Devachan Salon locations in New York City with one of our talented colorists. If you’re unsure of which service to choose, check out this blog post

Will you be switching up your look for the fall? Let us know below!


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