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Curly Hair Tips + Resolutions for the New Year

The start of a new year marks new beginnings and the chance to change things up.

You might be starting a new exercise plan, or vowing to take up a new hobby, but an even simpler change you can make? Taking charge of caring for your curls.

Here, we give you a few #curlcommitment ideas that you can adopt, to make 2018 your best curly year yet.


Kick these habits:

Quit Shampoo

We’ve talked about this for like a million years (okay, maybe not a million, but since we started Deva nearly 20 years ago!). One of the absolute worst things for curly hair is sulfates – aka the first ingredient in traditional shampoos. Sulfates are a type of detergent, and they’re what creates the bubbles when you wash your hair. While they feel super clean, in reality they’re super harsh on hair and strip curls of their natural moisture. That’s why we created No-Poo (you can learn more about that here).

If you quit shampoo, aka quit sulfates, your hair will be hydrated, and as a result healthier, shinier, and bouncier.


Ditch Silicones

Another major ingredient no-no, silicones are in many traditional conditioners and styling products, and they’re masquerading under a bunch of different names. (PopSugar has a list over 29 that you can check out here). Most manufacturers put these ingredients into hair products because they make your hair look super shiny.

The reality? Those silicones are basically liquid plastic that coat the hair, and while it may look shiny, silicones aren’t water soluble, so when they wrap around your strands they actually keep moisture and hydration from penetrating to your hair, slowly drying it out even more.

Instead of opting for the artificial shine created from silicones, focus on hydrating your hair which will keep it looking healthy and shiny naturally. Look for products with moisturizing ingredients like oils (like the coconut oil in SuperCream or olive oil in One Condition).


Toss Out Your Terrycloth Towels

Okay, maybe not completely. They’re still good for your body. But make a commitment to never use them on your hair. The rough fiber of the towel can open up your cuticle, causing dryness and frizz.

Instead use a towel with gentler fibers – like microfiber. Or you can even opt to use a cotton t-shirt.


Brushing Curly Hair

Things to never ever ever do again. I know it’s the fastest way to detangle. But when you quickly rake a brush through your hair you rip through strands and cause irreversible damage.

Not to mention, using a brush breaks up your natural curl pattern, and can actually make your hair look piece-ier than you want it to. Want tips on how to detangle curly hair without a brush? Click here.


Stacking Straps Over Your Curls

Every time you throw a backpack or purse over your shoulder and your curls get caught underneath, you’re tugging and straining your strands, causing serious damage at the mid-lengths.

If you’re trying to gain more length, make sure you sling your bag on with care.


Start these habits

Regular trims

If you’re transitioning, or if you’re someone who still likes to heat style your curls every now and again, be sure to schedule regular trims with a stylist. (You can find one here if you’re in need!).

Regularly trimming any split ends from heat will preserve the overall integrity and health of your hair. Your stylist can help you determine how often this needs to be (based on the shape of your cut but also based on how fast your hair is growing and your hair habits).


Deep Conditioning

In case you missed it, it’s winter. This cold, dry air? Not so good for your strands.

And even in the warmer months, exposure to heat and wind can also wreack havoc.

Keep your hair growing long, strong, and healthy by committing to regular deep conditioning treatments (at home or in the salon). For tips on choosing the right mask for your curls click here.


Rinsing with Cool Water

Or honestly, just showering with cold water if you can manage it. Hot water, is well, hot and so it can cause serious heat damage to your hair (especially right at the back of your head, the part that comes into direct contact with the full force pressure of your shower head).

Swapping for cool water not only prevents heat damage, but even if you just commit to doing a cool rinse at the end of your shower, this helps close your hair’s cuticle, which seals in moisture and will make your hair look eons better. Trust us.

Which #curlcommitment will you stick to? Share with us in the comments below and be sure to use #curlcommitment on social channels to join the conversation.



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