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Curly Hair Tips: How to Style Your Hair Faster

If you’re one of those people who needs to set their clock 30 minutes fast to make sure you’re on time, today is an exciting day for you.

September 5th is officially Be Late for Something Day.

Yep, this is an actual holiday.

And while I am neurotically on time for everything, it is undeniable that my hair has almost made me late on numerous occasions.

Because um, IT TAKES 9 HOURS TO DRY.

And let’s face it, we’ve all been there, where the night before we put our hair up in a pineapple, and we sleep on a satin pillowcase, and we do all the things we are supposed to do.  The next morning rolls around, and we sleep in thinking, oh I’ll just refresh my curly hair. But then you wake up and something has gone HORRIBLY wrong.

And now you’re in a rush to fix your hair and get out the dang door.

Here are tips to help you style curly hair FASTER.

If you actually have time to wash your hair…

Start with a pre-poo. Apply conditioner to your dry hair to start softening your curls and releasing knots. While the conditioner starts to soak in, you can frantically pick out your outfit.

Jump in your shower and do your thing. After applying your regular stylers, scrunch out as much excess moisture as you can with a microfiber towel, like the DevaTowel.

Then turn to Deva Clips. “Clipping at the crown before drying will help aerate the curls,” says Shari Harbinger, Founder of the DevaCurl Academy. Elevating your curls, lets the air from your dryer flow through, speeding up dry time, plus it creates extra volume during the diffusing process.

Then spray all of your curls with Flexible Hold Hairspray. This will help speed up drying time.

You can use the DevaFuser to target your hair at the roots and dry the interior of your curls faster (this is the part of your hair that takes longest to dry). But to dry your ends faster try switching between the DevaFuser and a traditional bowl diffuser since the bowl can hold more hair.

If you’ve got a hood dryer, you can also plop under there while you do your makeup #multitasking.


If you don’t have time to wash your hair…

It’s time for a high-speed refresh. To start refreshing curly hair flip your curls forward. Then mist your hair with a refreshing spray like Mist-er Right or No-Comb Detangling Spray. Sprays like this will reactivate the product that’s already in your hair and add frizz-fighting benefits.

Use enough product so that your hair is covered—meaning hair should be saturated—but not dripping. Then begin to scrunch your curls upwards to bring back some bounce.

Fix any extra pesky spots with your go-to styler. B’Leave In is great for taming wayward curls that are extra frizzy.

Then shake your hair at the roots to loosen things up and get extra volume.

By the time you get to where you need to go – your hair should be pretty dry.


If your hair is beyond refreshing…

Turn to a quick and classic up do – the curly bun.

Twist your curls together tightly until they begin to spiral into a bun. You can go for a high-ballet style bun, a low sleek bun, or a cute side-inspired chignon. Secure in place with pins or a hair tie.

Then pair with a bold lip to look instantly pulled together.


Do you have any tips or go-to hair hacks to make getting ready faster? Share with us in the comments below!




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