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Curly Hair Tips from Bloggers We <3

In case you’re new here, DevaCurl is a beloved brand by curly girls.
I mean literally beloved.

But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it. Curly girls have been shouting from the rooftops about Deva for nearly 20 years.

Including, may we add, a plethora of curly hair bloggers. And when they say something’s good, you know it has to be true – because these girls try EVERYTHING.

Today, we’re sharing some routines, tips, and tricks from a few of our favorite curly haired bloggers, so you can hear how Deva helped them transform their hair.

We’ll open with Kay Lani (otherwise known as @viva_glam_kay). In case you missed it Kay Lani got her first DevaCut in 2016 when she big chopped, and ever since she’s been committed to creating her healthiest curls ever.

It’s a crazy transformation that we’ve LOVED watching.
Want to see her full routine? You’re in luck:

But um, how did Kay Lani discover DevaCurl and learn how to transform her hair? Well that was no other than curl queen Felicia (aka @HiF3licia). We met Felicia nearly three years ago with the launch of the SuperCream Challenge. Ever since then she’s been rocking her curls (flawlessly), sharing her journey, and educating curly peeps around the globe.

Here she breaks down exactly how to use Deva products.

Both Felicia and Kay Lani often share that a big moment in their journey was their DevaCut. If you want to learn more about what goes on during a cut click here! Or you know, just check out this video from Kendra (@kissedbyken) another curly queen who shared her first cut experience on YouTube.

Want to see another where the curly girl goes from long to short? We love this video from Brandi (aka @theglambelle) where she breaks down the experience and how she changed up her routine post cut:

Looking for a way to take your curls to another level? Highlights. And Deva pioneered the Pintura highlighting method – a technique specifically used to bring dimension to curls. You can learn more about it here or watch Rocio’s first ever Pintura!

(And side note, if you’re a curl queen who prefers to get her knowledge in español, Rocio usually syndicates her videos in Spanish and English #yas).

And while we love these dramatic and incredible transformations, there are curly girls who also turn to Deva for day-to-day curl care and are always sharing advice on how to tackle different curl concerns.

Want tips and tricks on how to detangle? Check out this routine from Gena (aka @glammeup):

If you’re someone who’s looking for more volume, turn to Jackie (aka @mycurlychronicles) – who can enlighten you on how she gets her big curls day to day.

Or if you have short hair, you check out Miss Leah (@leahallyannah) – who p.s. also loves to get a DevaCut.

What about deep conditioning? Lynn Kate has you covered.

And um, let’s not forget diffusing. Check out this video from Penny (@itscurlypenny):

Want some more tips on drying and refreshing? We’re obsessed with Ayesha (@spisha) and her curly hair hacks:

My 3 little hacks that make a huge difference! @devacurl = ? #curlyhair

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Oh and speaking of refreshing, Bianca (@MzBiancaRenee) broke down how to refresh post gym (#hallelujah).

Do you follow any of these curl queens on YouTube or Instagram? Tell us about your favorite blogger in the comments below!


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