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Curly Hair Tips for Summer You Should Know

Though it may not feel like a normal summer this year, the warmest season of the year has arrived and it’s as hot and sunny as ever. Summertime brings quite a few changes to our routine: swapping sweatpants for shorts, protecting our skin with SPF (PSA: we should be doing this year-round!), and spending a lot more time in the sun.

Everyone knows it’s crucial to maintain our curls during the winter, but it’s equally as important to take care of our curls during the warmer weather. Summer hair struggles are similar for most of us: sun damage, frizz, dry hair… you name it. If you’re looking for ways to keep your curls hydrated and healthy looking through the sun and heat, keep scrolling for our top curly hair tips for summer.

Keep Your Curls Moisturized

Have you ever noticed that your curls look perfectly defined until you step outside on a hot day and then poof, your hair goes up in frizz? That’s because your curls are lacking moisture!

To help fight frizz, use products like One Condition Delight, Original, or Decadence depending on how much moisture your curls are craving. After cleansing, we recommend applying One Condition on the mid-lengths through the ends (which tend to be the driest areas). Your hands are your best tool to finger-detangle and work the formula through your curls when applying and rinsing.

If you’re looking for a lightweight leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture without weighing down your crown, you should give Leave-In Decadence a shot. Evenly distribute this product through clean, wet curls. This will give your hair extra moisture before you add your stylers.

Deep Condition Frequently

There’s just something about warm weather that makes us all a little carefree. But one thing we must always care about is our curls–no matter the season! The sun and heat tend to dry out our hair, which means our curls are constantly searching for moisture wherever they can get it (and if they can’t find it… say hello to frizz!). We recommend deep conditioning once a week (or more!) to ensure you’re getting hydration all summer long.

Our favorite deep conditioner is Heaven in Hair. Glide a generous amount through your curls and finger-detangle to work the product through your hair. Leave this on for about 15-30 minutes. If you have some extra time, throw a plastic shower cap on and leave the deep conditioner in for an hour or so while you’re catching up on your favorite show. Rinse out and style as normal.

Mask It Up

In addition to deep conditioning, we love a good mask sesh every other week or so. Check out our favorites below:

  • If you’re looking for intense hydration, try Melt into Moisture. Section hair and apply the mask to clean, wet hair. Leave on for 3 minutes (15-20 mins if you’re looking for extra moisture) and then rinse and style as normal.
  • If you’re looking to help strengthen your hair, try Deep Sea Repair. Apply this mask after cleansing and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Throw on a plastic cap and wrap your hair in a DevaTwist to create heat. Rinse out and style with your favorite stylers.

Add Some to Your Beach Bag

If you’re looking for some added moisture while you’re spending a day out in the sun, we recommend mixing One Condition with some water in a spray bottle and keeping it in your beach bag. You can spritz this on right after you get out of the water – it’ll help with detangling and bringing moisture back to your curls (you can also use this right after the pool!).

Avoid Hot Tools

You won’t catch a cold for going out with wet hair this time of year! Take this warm weather as your chance to give your curls a break from your diffuser and say hello to air-drying. It might take your curls a bit longer to dry, but hey – we’re not really supposed to be going anywhere, right? #QuarantineLife

Deep Cleanse Your Curls

This might just be one of the best tips for the summer – deep cleansing your curls after outdoor activities (aka swimming and sun exposure!) is crucial. Deep cleansing helps remove unwanted chemicals, toxins, and buildup from your scalp and hair (think chlorine, saltwater, sunscreen). You know the feeling after spending a day at the beach and you’re struggling to even throw your curls in a bun because there’s just so much stuff in there?

Meet Buildup Buster: your new summer fling.  Formulated with powerful micellar water technology, Abyssinian seed oil and jojoba, this deep cleansing serum helps remove buildup to leave curls soft, bouncy and shiny. Wet your curls thoroughly and apply Buildup Buster directly to your scalp, scrubbing in and scrubbing out. Massage it all over your curls and rinse out. Remember to follow up with your favorite conditioner (we recommend using Heaven in Hair) to ensure your curls are happy and hydrated after that deep cleanse.

What are your favorite summer curl care tips? Drop them in the comments below!


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