Curly Hair Tips for Kids and Moms

Ah moms – wonderful, incredible creatures.

They give us warmth, love, a shoulder to lean on, and in the case of many curly girls – they pass on their gorgeous manes.


This year to celebrate moms and the relationship they have with their kids and curls, we’re sharing some of our favorite mom-approved curly hair routines.


Up first, this adorable mother daughter wash day routine, featuring Kim and her daughter Imani:


They both managed to wash their hair in one sink, at the same time—that’s just impressive AND it represents some serious mother-daughter bonding.


Then there’s this video from M.A.D.Curls. If you haven’t heard of them – their channel stands for “Mother and Daughter Curls,” and is hosted by mom, Lorianne and daughter, Tayloranne. Ah-dor-a-ble.


They rant and rave all about curly hair tips and tricks between the two of them, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.


In case you missed it, DevaCurl Ambassador Felicia (@hif3licia) has a brand new page called @growinupcurly where she shares how she cares for kids (and nephews!) hair.


Her son just started growing out his curls, and we’ve loved following his journey!


But Felicia’s not the only one showing off those kid-tips and tricks.


Jackie, aka @mycurlychronicles, the winner of our Buildup Buster challenge, is actually a momma too!


She recently showed off how she uses Deva to care for her daughter’s gorgeous curls!

Here’s a video on how amazingly well the new Washday Wonder from @devacurl works on my daughter’s 3c/4a hair. We have cut down soooo much time on her washday incorporating this new pre wash detangler that I am just shocked and in love! More so grateful too because I get more time back and what used to be a pain and a task to both my daughter and I is now a breeze. In the video you can see how quick and easy I’m maneuvering through her full head of curls and she doesn’t even flinch. The slip this product has is craaazy! I just had to share! • • #mycurlychronicles #devacurl #juicycurls #washdaywonder #curly #curls #cwkgirls #naturallycurly #manecrushmonday #haircrush #hairgoals #kinky_chicks1 #thenaturalslife #todecacho #secretcurlsociety #hairvideos #hairinspiration #brandambassador #blogger #vlogger #naturalista #healthycurls #forcurlssake #berrycurly #embraceyourcurls #bighairdontcare #curlboss #curlynaturalhair @myhaircrush @mynaturalhairisdoope @diariodeumacrespa @naturalhairprobs @mynaturalsistas @trialsntresses @hair2mesmerize @naturalistanation @naturalhairloves @naturalchixs @naturalhairdreams @amazingnaturalhair @howtonaturalhair @teamnatural_

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Oh and um – how could we forget Lee’Ani?! Kay-Lani’s (aka @viva_glam_kay) adorable daughter has a curly routine all her own that could totally rival moms.

🎉🎉🎉 First video of 2018 & it’s one of my most highly requested videos. ☺️ It’s how I maintain Lee’Ani’s curls. Yes, it’s a lot of maintenance. Her wash days take me about an hour with her & if I’m doing mine the same day it feels like half my day goes to taking care of our hair. 😩 Lol But it’s so worth it! Her curls are hair goals 😍😍 1st: I cleansed her hair using @devacurl No Poo Decadence cleanser ✨ 2nd: I mixed the @devacurl Melt Into Moisture conditioning mask with Now Tea Tree Essential oil. Tea tree oil helps promote hair growth & many other benefits. Research it!!! 😆 I then apply the mask all throughout her hair in small pieces & I untangle her hair using a @denmanbrush 🙌🏼 ✨ 3rd: Once her hair is fully conditioned & untangled I using my @qredew to steam her hair. Which helps restore moisture, reshape & stretch hair. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Once that is done I put a shower cap over her hair and let the mask sit for about 15 minutes. ✨ 4th: Once I’ve rinsed the conditioner out her hair it’s time for styling. I applied 3 different products. First I applied @devacurl B’Leave In, then DC Supercream & lastly, DC Set It Free spray. ✨ Now its time to diffuse her hair. For that I used my @xtavaofficial diffuser. ✨ Once her hair is fully dry I then finished it off with some @silkelements Jojoba Oil 😌 I DID THE SAME EXACT STEPS ON MYSLEF!!!!! 💁🏻‍♀️ I KNOW IT SEEMS LIKE A LOT, BUT AS YOU CAN SEE LEE’ANI HAS A LOT OF HAIR. HER HAIR MAY SEEM SHORT BECAUSE OF SHRINKAGE BUT HER LENGTH IS ACTUALLY WAIST LENGTH. SO IT TAKES SOME WORK MAINTAINING IT, BUT SHES USED TO IT. WE’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS ALREADY! PLUS THIS WILL LAST HER ALL WEEK SO ITS A WIN FOR ME WHEN I’M GETTING HER READY FOR SCHOOL. LOL 😊❤️ SN: This video isn’t sponsored by any of these brands mentioned. 🌟 #vivaglamkay #healthyhairjourney #curlyhair #naturalhair #devacurl #qredew #xtava #silkelements #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhairtips

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Do you and your little one use Deva? Share your best tips and tricks for caring for your kids curls in the comments below!