Our Favorite Curly Hair Models


It’s officially slay season.

Translation: Fashion week is here!!!

So. Many. Pretty. Clothes.

But also – so. Many. Pretty. Curls. on beautiful girls. That’s right, curls are officially a runway staple.


And to celebrate this long overdue reality, we’re interviewing some of our favorite curly models and getting all their curly hair secrets!

Check them out!

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Model: Wallette Watson

You know her from: Valentino, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, Coach

How do you feel about your curls?
“My hair is my personality! Crazy, fun, indecisive. But none the less I love my hair. When I was younger I used to beg my mom to give me a perm, but she never did, thank goodness. As I grew up I learned to love my curly curls! I’m able to do a lot with it! I can twist it if I want, French braid it. There’s a lot to do with it! I love it!”

How does it feel to be a curly model?
“I think my hair definitely contributes to me being a model. I feel like when everyone has straight hair, or short cuts, and I’m the only one with big curly hair, I stand out. Although, there are so many models with big natural curls now, and I love it!!”

What are your best hair tips?
“Finger combing!!! And every now and then, deep condition your hair. I’d say do it once every two weeks, depending on your texture.”

What are your favorite Deva Products?
“I always wash with my No-Poo and One Condition, which my hair loves. I finger comb them through my curls in the shower, then I use my DevaTowel. Once I finish I love to use SuperCream! It’s nice and light and leaves my curls flawless! I give it a shake!! Let it air dry, and start my day.”



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Model: Aiden Curtiss

You Know Her From: Opening last season’s Roland Mouret show

How do you feel about your curls?
“My hair is short, curly & very bipolar. It can change at any time due to weather conditions and really is a hassle to maintain in the mornings after waking up. But I love it because the ringlets are cute, it’s soft and keeps me warm in the winter.”

How does it feel to be a curly model?
“I love how most people keep my natural curls for shoots, having curly hair can be so versatile. My hair can be shaped into almost any style!”
What’re some of your best hair tips?
A hair mask once a week is a must for me, it’s great if you’ve had damage and you’re trying to let your hair grow and recover. I try not to use any heat, unless it’s for work, and I always bring a heat protectant with me to set.

What are your favorite Deva products?
“Using DevaCurl’s No-Poo and One Condition is a must for me. The shampoo is so gentle yet cleans my scalp completely. The conditioner is a life saver, if I don’t use it my hair feels coarse. When drying I use a cotton t-shirt, and then I mix B’Leave In with Styling Cream for a silky hold on my curls. I used to diffuse it but recently I’ve been letting it air dry– both work great!


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Paula Almeida

You Know Her From: Abercrombie & Fitch, The Body Shop, Revlon, Avon, and more!

How do you feel about your curls?
I love my hair because it shows of my personality and most importantly, who I am! I love my roots and love my curls! My hair is ME!

How does it feel to be a curly model?
Day by day the fashion industry is opening up for us “different ones” and losing the stereotypes associated with types of faces or color of skin. Fashion for me is showing your internal beauty and personality, being yourself and loving who you are! So I think having my natural hair is a way to show who I am and also help other girls see their own beauty, and not follow any kind of stereotypes.

What’re some of your best hair tips?
I’m all about oils and the right products! I love DevaCurl goodies. I also let my hair dry naturally and use a silk bonnet when going asleep.

What are your favorite Deva products and how do you style your hair?
I love to let my hair be free, I don’t style it often, but I can’t lie I love the pineapple style it’s so easy! For the pineapple I use the Mist-er Right to refresh my curls (this is a must have) and Wave Maker to define a bit more. And for my daily basis I aaaaalways have the Set It Free spray with me, I am a fan of this one!


Model: Nikia Phoenix

You Know Her From: Cadillac, Alternative Apparel, And Other Stories, Google, Target, and more!

How do you feel about your curls?
My hair is thick, kinky, and has an energy that I adore. It absolutely loves moisture and responds well to humidity. I accept it as it is because I’m realistic about what it isn’t. My hair is loved.

How does it feel to be a curly model?
For a while, I thought my hair was a huge contribution to my career, especially since I’ve done a couple of hair campaigns. I think I used to put too much emphasis on how my hair should look – I thought it needed to be a certain length or a certain style to get work. Now I realize that my hair is an extension of who I am, but it doesn’t necessarily define me. I can twist it up, braid it, or even let it be wild and I can still be beautiful.

What’re some of your best hair tips?
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Especially if you live in a climate that’s dry, make sure you’re giving your hair the moisture it needs thrive. Also, try your best to stay away from products with an abundance of alcohol that may strip your hair. Last but not least, be mindful of what you’re putting into your body and the effects stress can have on your hair. Put in love and your hair will grow with love.

What are your favorite Deva products and how do you style your hair?
Styling my hair starts with wash day. Making sure I’m starting with a healthy foundation helps the process. I wash and condition with DevaCurl’s Decadence line and follow up with a homemade leave-in conditioner made of essential oils and water. Next, I section my hair, detangle, and use a twisting butter to either braid or twist my hair that night. In the morning I carefully untwist and use SuperCream to style. I accept that fact that it’s going to change shape throughout the day so I try not to over fluff early in the day. If it’s a dry day, I use that homemade leave-in spray to refresh my curls.


Now tell us, who are some of your favorite curly-haired models? Share with us in the comments below!