Curly Hair Crush: Yara Shahidi

In case you missed it, the Emmy’s were this week, and in a twist of fate that surprised no one, Black-ish was nominated in several categories. And um, with so much fabulous hair on one set, how could they not be?

Also there was that one time on season two that Dre called out Bow for her weekly haircuts at Devachan.

(Yes, that happened. Season two, episode 13, Keeping up with the Johnsons. It is on Hulu. Tracee Ellis Ross’ character has her priorities in order.)

So yeah, it’s no wonder they’re nominated for multiple awards.

To celebrate all of that fabulousness, we sat down with Christin Brown (aka @curlfactor on Instagram). She’s a Deva Certified Stylist, and one of her clients is NONE OTHER than Yara Shahidi. Yara plays Zoey, daughter to Tracy, on Black-ish. Next year Yara will have her own spin-off show, called Grown-ish.

Aside from being supremely talented, she’s got a fierce head of hair. So we turned to Christin, who’s been working with Yara for about two years, to find out how she achieves those amazing curls.

“When I met Yara she was already on her natural hair journey. She wanted to avoid using heat tools on set, and wanted to embrace her texture. She had a little bit of heat damage, where you could see her curl pattern loosened,” shares Christin.

“During her first visit to the salon, we really wanted to remove a lot of that damaged hair and get rid of what was no longer serving her. But we had to keep in mind that her character, Zoey, rocks some pretty versatile styles, so her haircut had to be flexible.”

“We designed a shape that didn’t require Yara to part her hair. We kept the front pieces long so she could easily wear her curls to either side. She essentially had a classic Deva Cut without any super harsh angles. It was a very soft shape.”

“But recently we gave her bangs – she wore them to the BET awards. It’s a very retro meets modern haircut, and she liked the look. So we gave her a few short curly pieces in the front, maintaining her length, but really just adding a ton of elevation (aka layers) throughout. The new style look great, but it’s also extremely relevant as she evolves into a more mature role on Grown-ish.”

“If you’re someone who wants to rock a similar look, but has a different texture there’s a few things you should think about. I’d recommend talking to your stylist about the following when it comes to this cut:

  • Think about your style – is it funky or tame? How will this cut compliment that?
  • Do you like your length or do you want to go shorter?
  • Do you want to wear your hair forward in your face, or do you want the versatility to create a part?
  • Do you like volume? This style is all about volume and big hair. If “bigger is better” is your motto, this is a great direction for you.”

“When it comes to styling Yara’s hair in the salon, my go-to products are SuperCream and Heaven in Hair. Heaven in Hair really gives a suppleness and slip, and SuperCream helps plump up her curls. Tips you need to know to get her definition and volume:

  • Make sure you are finger detangling your hair. If you use something like a wet brush to detangle, you end up with string-y curls, the hair is more separated, the curls look finer and more frizzy. The conditioning and detangling process is the most important – if you don’t take the time to do this properly, your curls won’t be as happy as they can be.
  • Make sure the hair is really wet you apply the product. Best case scenario – apply your stylers when you’re still in the shower. I know a lot of people are tempted to towel dry their hair first, but if you do that you do your curls a disservice. Your hair is thirstier than you think!”

What do you think of Yara’s big voluminous curls? Do you use certain stylers to achieve a similar look? Share with us in the comments below!