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Well it’s about time you showed up.

Seriously, where have you been?!

Where are we? Girl do you even?—Never mind.

This is DevaCurl’s new blog, forum, cult message board, platform, sounding board for the curl community.

To state the obvious: This little corner of the internet is where people can come to figure out what exactly No-Poo is (and as much as the name suggests, it is not some sort of anti-diuretic). There are also product tips, tricks, and styles. But it’s not that boring one dimensional. There’s a little more to this.

The point of “For All Curl Kind” is to have a place for all curly girls to chat  about anything and everything related to the curl-world. Because, let’s be honest, having curls is about more than just your hair (no matter what your S.O. says).

Whether it’s a question of if your hair is professional-looking enough, if your detangling struggle really is harder than everyone else’s (spoiler alert, if you are not Alyssa Rendenti, you are probably a liar), or a model with natural hair (finally) hit the Victoria Secret runway, we want to talk about it.

Oh by the way – I’m Sam. I’m the one doing the posting around here (and praying you say something back, so I don’t develop a complex). If there’s anything you want to see, if you have an opinion to share, or if you just want some hair-related advice, I’m your girl (or at least I’m the girl who will go and find someone qualified to actually help you). Consider this place your new digital diary/online curly-girl meetup rolled into one, fairy-curl mother included.

One request. Please, let’s all play nicely in the curl sandbox. K? K.



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