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Blogger Spotlight: How to Get Big Curly Hair with Lynn Kate

Lynn Kate with Big Curly Hair - Featured Hero Image

I like Big Volume and I cannot lie. You other curly girls can’t deny. When a girl walks in with big volume in your face you get JEALOUS.

Okay, I’m sorry, I had to. You knew that pun was coming eventually. But seriously, look at Lynn’s hair and tell me you’re not swooning. Her hair, it’s full of volume secrets. And now she’s sharing them with us. Let’s break it down.

Her Wash Routine:

“I use Low-Poo Original, about three times a week.” Don’t forget – with any DevaCurl cleanser, you’ve got to scrub it on and off because they don’t contain any of the harsh sulfates that bubble up. Then, you follow up with your favorite conditioner.

Lynn’s choice is One Condition Original, “I use about a pump.” (She’s referring to the liters #commitment.) “I work it through my hair to detangle, then I flip my hair over and rake another two pumps of product through. And I don’t rinse it out.” The benefit of leaving-in your conditioner? Extra hydration and frizz-fighting power thanks to one key ingredient: olive oil.

The Styling Situation:

“I go CRAZY with Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam, it gives my hair more texture and volume. I start with 2 to 3 pumps and apply it on my roots, then I take another pump and apply the product all over my hair.” The foam also gives hair an extra dose of shine thanks to sunflower oil.

“After that I layer on two pumps of SuperCream working it into my ends and then pressing some more onto my scalp. I love the smell and it moisturizes my hair.” Coconut oil for the win.

Last up is Light Defining Gel, “When I’m cocktailing with this product I just apply a little bit on my ends, but sometimes I use this as my only styler, after leaving in One Condition Original.”


Dry Time:

“I let my hair air dry for about an hour, until it’s around 40% done.” This gives Lynn’s curls time to absorb moisture, which minimizes frizz.  “Then I break out my dryer (without the diffuser), I flip my head forward and apply heat from the ends of my hair until I’m about 80% dry. Then it’s time to dry my roots, so I attach the DevaFuser.”

“I use the diffuser to cradle my curls and to dry my roots without causing frizz.” The DevaFuser’s 360° airflow allows it to dry hair without disturbing curls, while boosting volume at the crown.

“When my hair is totally dry, I shake it out.” Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it! “Then I use a comb to pick out my hair and produce even more volume.”

Voila! “The whole process takes about an hour and thirty minutes.” And it’s obviously worth it. Want to watch Lynn’s entire routine from start to finish, check out the video below:

Do you use any of these tricks to get volume? Or have any other secrets up your sleeve? Share your best tips in the comments below!


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