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Tips on Achieving Great Curly Bangs

One of the easiest ways to transform your hairstyle is with bangs.

Which is why I had them for most of my life– but I was also straightening my hair.

At the time, I was convinced that curly bangs were not a thing. So even when I wore my hair curly I, uh, straightened my bangs.

It looked as bad as you’re imagining.

Thanks to the curly community, I’ve learned the error of my ways.

Behold – curly bangs!

They’re real and can totally transform a look.

I mean c’mon – can we talk about what they did for Brit (aka @bwatuwant)!?

And she’s not the only one…

Charmaine (@charmsie)

Kendra (@kissedbyken)

Even queen Kay-Lani rocks curly bangs (@viva_glam_kay).

In short: curly bangs can seriously change the game when it comes to your look and some of our most favorite gals are fans.

But there’s a lot to think about before you commit to curly bangs – like are they right for your face shape, and what’s the best way to maintain them?

Cause uh – no one wants to spend their days like this:

So we asked Devachan Soho stylist, Mia Emilio (aka @mia_devacurl – who btw helps Brit maintain her curly locks), for her best tips and tricks.

Do Curly Bangs Fit My Face Shape?

Before you get bangs, remember, they’re going to soften your face shape, so you want to think about the style you’re going for.

According to Mia:

  • Oval is the most versatile face shape – and if you’ve got this shape, you can pull off any bang style.
  • If you have a round face a side swept bang will suit you best.
  • Square faces can go for a heavier forward look (avoid a baby bang!). One of Mia’s favorites is a heavy bang that sits mid-forehead – “you can give them more of a choppy texture by edging certain pieces up higher!”

A heart shaped face should avoid a full fringe (since it can actually accentuate the width of your forehead). Instead opt for a side swept bang.

You’ll also want to think about how much hair you have:

If your hair is very dense – you can opt for a heavy or a chunky bang. If you are a fan of full fringe bangs, consider asking your stylist to cut your hair so that it can also be worn to the side – this allows you to have more versatility with your look!

If your hair is finer, you don’t want to lose all of your fullness to create the bangs – so instead keep the bangs light and wispy!

Still not sure if you want to commit to bangs? Consider trying out this faux-curly bangs hack, from Bianca Renee, to see how they might look on your face.

(p.s. if you already have curly bangs, this hack can also help you put off getting more frequent bang trims).

Speaking of trims…how often do you have to go?

“You’ll need to get your bangs trimmed more frequently than you’ll need a haircut,” says Mia.

But exactly how long you wait is up to you – you can try the hair hack listed above to build a bigger buffer, but when they get too long – it’s time to see your stylist.

Are there any tips you can give when it comes to caring for curly bangs?

Climate always affects curls, but with bangs – you need to give your hair even more attention, especially while styling.

You want to make sure your bangs don’t frizz out, and you also want to avoid making them too heavy.

Make sure your curly bangs are hydrated and stick to your core product (don’t layer on cocktails if you can avoid it!). Creams (like Styling Cream and SuperCream) will provide a lighter hold without weighing the hair down.

Tell us – do you rock bangs? If so what’s your best styling tricks? If not – are there any curly girls who’s bangs you ❤️? Tag them in the comments below!