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Curly Tips from DevaCurl Master Stylist Coral Cable

Coral Cable of Penny Lane Studios in Chicago is a DevaCurl Master Stylist and a certified DevaCurl Art of Texture consultant. We talked to her about her passion for curls. Read on to learn unique perspective on curls and expert tips!

What prompted you to become a curl specialist?

The curly clientele is such an underserved section of the industry. I became inspired to work with them because I am a curly client and felt like there was such a lack of information, products, knowledge and care in the beauty industry. There has always been curiosity but that is typically shrouded by fear and intimidation which clients can sense from a mile away. To be able to confidently and comfortably provide a service to a curly client prompted me to become a curl specialist and an educator to pass along that knowledge to other curious stylists.

What are the biggest challenges your clients tend to face with their curls?

Confidence! A lot of clients come in worried their curls are “not professional” or are “too wild.” We spend a lot of time discussing what “nice curls” mean to them and different ways we can achieve that look while not fighting the curl. Often times it is learning how to control frizz and volume to be small vs big. Once clients get a hold of how to hydrate and define curls, they can confidently style their hair in ways they feel comfortable with.

What is the most important thing a curly girl can do to get her curls to look their best?

For clients to get their curls to look their best they need to nourish them from the inside out and treat them nicely! I often compare hair to skin. If you don’t eat right, drink enough water and use good moisturizers on your skin it will revolt against you- the same goes for hair! Hydration is key to getting good definition which can be achieved by both drinking tons of water and using good products!

What are the biggest mistakes that curly girls tend to make in working with their curls?

I see a lot of curly clients grabbing for heavy products loaded with oils and silicones to “weigh down” their curls hoping it will help control them. Alternatively, I see a lot of clients use mousse with harsh drying agents in it to keep curls crunchy and controlled. Understanding ingredients and their different effects on curls is key to understanding curls.

Can you share an emotional client experience that really affected you?

I had a couple bring in their daughter for her first haircut many years ago. Her dads did not have curly hair but their little girl had the most incredible curly baby fine hair you have ever seen. She must have been no more than 18 months old and they were so nervous for her cut but SO EXCITED to learn how to work with her natural texture and have her grow up empowered by her hair not ashamed of it.

They sat patiently while we shaped her hair and talked about product, styling tips, post nap time hair care techniques and so much more. This little angel sat so still and let me spray her hair, work through conditioner and she sat under the hood dryer calmer than most adults do.

Her dads were so thankful and proud. The next time they brought her in her hair looked PHENOMENAL with a little side part and a bow. Before they moved away, they came in for one last haircut and we all cried thanking each other for such an incredible journey. I will never forget that family.

Can you share a few of your favorite curl tips?

Here are some great tips my clients taught ME about their day 2 and day 3 curls. They get a DevaTowel super wet, tilt their head to the side and scrunch their curls from ends to roots to re-saturate and reactivate the product. This works particularly well for shorter, finer hair that pulls straight fast but scrunches curly easily. They then spray in DevaCurl Curl Maker, squeeze the excess water from the towel, and scrunch again. It’s been a game changer for them when a spray bottle can make their hair seem fluffy.

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