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Have You Ever Been Curl Shamed?

When I was little, I was called Cousin It, you know, from the Addams family. I was also told that one could mop the floor with my hair, that I was a poodle, and that I looked like I had been electrocuted.

And that was just my mother.

Kids in school, they were just as nice, let me tell you. But this is a struggle every curly girl is familiar with. It seems to be impossible for someone to not have an opinion on our texture.

Can I just ask – why?! Why is it your business? Why do you care?

And speaking of business, why is it so unacceptable for us to wear our hair curly to the office? I have religiously straightened my hair for job interviews my entire life (until DevaCurl that is 🙂 ). But seriously how did a texture become classified as unprofessional?

The variety of stigmas that surround curly hair are just bizarre, which is why in our newest episode of “For All Curl Kind,” we asked members of the curl community to step up and talk about curl shaming. Is it a thing? (Spoiler alert: YES. YES IT IS.). Watch the video below to hear what they said, then tell us what you think. Are they way off base? Or is this legit?

Also – I’m genuinely curious, did your mom’s have pet names for your curls?! Or was this just mine?

Share down below whether you’ve ever dealt with curl shaming and how you stood up against it!



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