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Favorite DevaCurl Hair Cocktails

Cocktail Hair Products - Featured Hero Image

Looking to restock your product stash? We got the perfect combinations for you! Today we’re breaking down a few of our favorite hair cocktails for perfectly defined waves and curls!

What is hair cocktailing?

Essentially, cocktailing your hair products just means mixing together styling products to create your perfect, heaven-sent styler! For example, if you’re looking for moisture & hold, you would cocktail a hydrating cream based styler and a gel. Make sense? 

#CurlGoal: Va-va volume with curl control and hydration like Jasmine

Cocktail: SuperCream + High Shine + Arc Angel Gel

Mix two pumps of SuperCream and a drop of High Shine (seriously, just a drop, a little goes a looooooooooong way with this one) and apply to hair in sections. The combination of these products will provide amazing hydration and moisture. To help define the curls and provide hold, glaze Arc Angel Gel over your curls. Scrunch down the lengths of your hair to elongate. Let dry naturally or diffuse.

Once totally dry you can make your hair even bigger (and let’s be honest, the bigger the better by taking the fingers of the DevaFuser and placing them under your hair at the roots. With the dryer set to cool, gently shake the diffuser (almost as though you were picking out your hair) while holding the ends. Kinda like how Lynn Kate does here.

#CurlGoal: Lightweight, tousled style like Brit

Cocktail: B’Leave In + Styling Cream + Light Defining Gel

Start by working B’Leave In through very wet curls, this styler provides weightless moisture – key word here is weightless. You want your curls to float (like butterflies), so we can’t weigh them down! Next up is Styling Cream, work it through the hair for soft curl control. To refine the curls and keep them intact, finish by glazing Light Defining Gel over your hair. Once you’re totally dry, flip your head over and scrunch up to release the curl cast. Shake it (like a Polaroid picture) emphasizing near the root for added volume and to complete the tousled effect.

#CurlGoal: Classic definition and control like Lily

Cocktail: Ultra Defining Gel + The Curl Maker + Set It Free

This look is allllllll about fighting frizz, which means we need products that are strong – like strong man, ultra-marathon strong. Enter: Ultra Defining Gel. Start by glazing the gel over soaking wet hair, scrunch upwards to encourage the curl and distribute the product. Begin to air dry or diffuse. Then as pieces start to become stubborn and frizz out (you know what I’m talking about, you see them sprout and the panic starts to set in) mist hair with Spray Gel for added hold. When completely dry it’s time to break the curl cast, but we don’t want frizz, so we’re gonna leverage our little friend: Set It Free. Spray a few pumps into in the palm of your hands, then leaning from side to side, scrunch your curls up towards the root. This will release the gel cast while preserving definition and adding supplemental moisture.

#CurlGoal: Soft curls with shine like Katy

Cocktail: Light Defining Gel + SuperCream + Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam

You know how strangers always want to touch your hair, and your just like um…please don’t do that? This cocktail probably won’t help with that. With this combo, curls are soft and shiny, so it’s no wonder people can’t help themselves. You’ll want to start with Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam to fight frizz, glide it through wet hair and scrunch from the ends all the way to the crown. Layer with a fifty-fifty mix of SuperCream and Light Defining Gel, apply the mix the same way – glide and scrunch. This duo will provide definition and hydration. Let hair dry, then scrunch down to elongate your curls while releasing the gel cast.

#CurlGoal: Refined, defined texture like Moira

Cocktail: Wave Maker + Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam + Light Defining Gel

If you want waves without the heat, this cocktail will give you life. On very wet hair, scrunch Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam in at the crown, this will help leave the root of your hair soft, while still providing definition. Next, apply Wave Maker starting at the mid-lengths of your hair and work it through the ends with your fingers. Be gentle! Then, layer the length of your hair with Light Defining Gel, glazing it carefully over the hair, to boost definition scrunch from ends to mid-length. Finish with the DevaFuser on the high heat, low speed setting. Gently cup the ends of your hair with the diffuser to create a refined finish.

What’s your go-to curly cocktail? We need some new inspiration ourselves! Please share with us in the comments below!



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