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Celebrities with Curly Hair: 90’s Edition

There are some things that will never go out of style.

Case and point: The iconic ‘dos of our favorite curly characters. Let’s be honest, their hair styles are cult-classics. We’ve all been obsessed with at least one (Debra Messing, if you’re reading this, I will never not want your hair).

And now, we’re showing you how to get THAT hair. I know. I KNOW. I’m excited too.

But, let me preface by saying: you need to have the right texture to get some of these looks. I’m sorry, but currently there is no magic product to give you Denise Huxtable’s hair if you actually have Phoebe Buffays’s texture (But if there was, that would be freaking AMAZEBALLS—brb I’m going to send a note to the DevaCurl Product Team).

The tips and cocktails we’re about to share, are based on the given texture of the actress, and achieving the type of look they rocked (big volume, soft definition, etc).  Slight side note: Why are so many Hollywood curls manufactured?! UGH. C’mon guys. Whatever, we’re going to make believe a little bit here. Speaking of make believe…you might also spot a few curly girls from the early 2000’s, just pretend they’re from the 90’s. The hair was too good to leave out and you know it.

Alright, ready? Lights, camera, CURLS!

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

Is there a better style icon than Carrie Bradshaw? No. The answer is no. And bless her, for rocking her curls about a hundred different ways during the course of those 6 (technically 7) glorious seasons. While we love basically every variation of curly Carrie, we stuck with her opening sequence look.

To achieve Carrie’s voluminous, soft curls: Start with wet or damp hair, and glide Wave Maker into the hair. Gently scrunch the hair from the ends to the roots. Then glide Light Defining Gel over the curls, and scrunch once more. Air dry or use the DevaFuser. Then take the front section of your hair, from brow to brow, pull back and secure with bobby pins or a clip. Then, say hi to Mr. Big for me.


Debra Messing as Grace Adler in Will and Grace

I’m not sure if Karen Walker made fun of Grace more for her clothes or her hair. But really, none of it matters, because that woman’s mane was fabulous and Karen clearly had no idea what she was talking about (or was under the influence—let’s be real).

To get Grace’s signature big, round curls: On dry hair, gently spray Mist-er Right all over the hair. Then take a one-inch section of hair, twist it from ends towards the roots around two fingers and secure with a DevaClip. Complete this process on the entire head, and then mist with Flexible Hold Hairspray. Let it sit for ten minutes, then release the clips. Shake out your hair, go find a donut, and fight with Will over the cute guy in the elevator bank.

Karyn Parsons as Hilary Banks and Tatyana Ali as Ashley Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

90% certain that my shopping addiction was inspired by Hilary and that my level of sass (and superb eye roll) was learned via Ashley. These two sisters had some serious style.

To get Hilary’s refined curls: Apply Styling Cream to damp hair. Loosely twist one inch sections, in varying directions (some towards the face, some away). Then roll each twist from ends towards the roots around two fingers. Secure in place with a DevaClip and let dry. This technique will bring out more shine, because it’s smoothing an existing curl pattern, but it also provides a voluminous tousled effect. Finish with a bowler hat (or don’t).

For Ashley’s loose curls: Glide SuperCream on damp curls from roots to ends. Then wrap 1.5 inch sections of hair, from roots towards the scalp, around four fingers and secure with clip. Mist with the pinned curls with Flexible Hold Hairspray. Let dry, then release and pick on your brother for his dancing skills.


Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable in The Cosby Show

Denise was on TV for approximately 8 seasons, which gave her a lot of time to experiment with her hair. So we’re showing you not one, not two, but three of her styles because, well, we can’t just pick one.

To get Denise’s elongated, smooth curls: On wet hair apply a 50-50 mix of Styling Cream and SuperCream. Glide the cocktail from roots to ends. Then take small sections of your hair, and attach a DevaClip to the bottom of your curls. This technique is called anchoring, and will help elongate existing curls.

To rock locs like Denise: To reduce frizz and preserve your style take a dime-sized amount of Beautiful Mess, and rub it between your hands until it’s melted. Glaze the product over the locs, then loosely use pins to secure your hair into a half up, half down look. To help fight frizz throughout the day and to provide extra hydration use Set It Free, hold the bottle about 12-inches from your hair and let the mist float onto your locs.

To get soft volume: On wet hair, apply Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam by scrunching it into the hair from the ends. Then glide Arc Angel Gel on top of the hair from roots to ends. Scrunch up to the crown to distribute the product. Then scrunch from the bottom towards the scalp with the DevaTowel to remove excess water, which will allow for more volume. To create even more lift at your root, use the DevaClips and the cross clipping technique featured in this video.


Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang in Greys Anatomy

Cristina is sassy, brilliant, emotional, and beautiful. And on top of that she had great hair (no matter how late she had to work).

To get Cristina’s hair: Mix equal parts Wave Maker and Styling Cream and glide onto damp hair from mid lengths to ends. Scrunch from ends to the mid lengths and let dry. Then demand candy, or some other form of deliciousness.


Fran Drescher as Fran Fine in The Nanny

What was more signature—the nasal voice or the big bouffant hair? I’m honestly not sure.

For moisturized, shiny, and soft waves: Cocktail 50% B’Leave In with 50% Light Defining Gel, then mix in two drops of MirrorCurls. Flip your head forward, and glide product down your waves from roots to ends. Scrunch the hair up, all the way to the scalp. Then flip back. Dry with the DevaFuser to create more volume at the root. Once dry, to get the poof, part hair near the ears, then pull backwards and secure with bobby pins.  Finish off by sneaking a dessert from the fridge or by screaming Mr. Sheffield at the top of your lungs. Dealer’s choice.


Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay in Friends

I freely admit to being totally obsessed with Phoebe’s in that opening theme song montage. She broke my heart when she betrayed us all, and wore her hair straight for pretty much every episode </3. But we all know the truth – she’s curly, and she knows it!

To get Phoebe’s soft supple curls: On wet hair, evenly distribute Light Defining Gel. Then lean your head towards the left, cup your hands and scrunch the hair up towards the root. Repeat on the right hand side. Then shake out once dry and sing Smelly Cat at your local café with pride.


Adrienne Bailon as Chanel in The Cheetah Girls

After the release of this movie, I completely redecorated my room in Cheetah print (shameless, I know). Between the hoop earrings and amazing hair Chanel was an inspiration to preteen girls everywhere. Too bad her curls only lasted for the first film.

To get Chanel’s smooth curls and big volume: Start with very wet hair, flip your head forward and apply Arc Angel Gel in a downward gliding motion. Scrunch up from the ends towards the root. Then use clips to maximize your volume. You’ll want to lift the curl grouping, then push up and in with the DevaClips for maximum root lift.  Dry with the DevaFuser for added volume, and mist the crown with Flexible Hold Hairspray. Release the clips and go strut with your fellow Cheetah sisters.


Tia and Tamera Mowry as Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell in Sister, Sister

I think I would very much like to have a twin, so that we could conduct weird product cocktail experiments and compare results. This would be ideal in the search for the perfect curly hair routine. Why this was never an episode—but there was one about a pimple—I  will never understand.

To get the defined signature curls of this dynamic duo: You’re going to need to do a twist out. To prep, start with very wet hair that you’ve sectioned off into ½ inch to one inch sections. Work Heaven in Hair into each section, from roots to the ends. Then apply SuperCream over Heaven in Hair to each of these sections. Next create your twists with tension. Let dry, and release. Then spritz with Set It Free to fight frizz and preserve the curl pattern. Finish off by telling Roger to go home.

Keri Russell as Felicity Porter in Felicity

You thought I forgot didn’t you? Can anyone honestly forget that FREAKING HAIRCUT?! No. The answer is no. It haunts us all. Let’s focus on the good times, shall we?

To get Felicity’s defined curls: On wet curls, tilt your head forward and apply SuperCream with a downward gliding motion from mid lengths to the ends of your hair. Then add a layer of Light Defining Gel for added definition by gliding over the same section of hair. Scrunch upwards from the ends towards the root. Flip head over, then gently shake curls to reveal a side part. Let dry naturally or use the DevaFuser (you’ll want the hand to face upward, to give a more moderate crown lift). And whatever you do, do not go get a haircut. Seriously, not allowed.


Now that your hair has achieved cult-classic status, you have to tell us, which iconic curly girl were you obsessed with and did you try to replicate her curls? Share it in the comments below!