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Caring For Winter Curls 101

Winter is a great time to cozy up with a hot drink, watch a movie, and deep condition more often! We wanted to make sure that you didn’t have to search too much when looking for the best tips and tricks for caring for winter curls, so we gathered the information you need to know below!

What Do I Do with My Winter Curls?

The short answer, condition and give them some extra TLC (time, love, and care). Curls are special and their uniqueness actually makes them prone to breakage because of their curvy shape. It’s no surprise that the harsh conditions of the winter air, combined with the dry air from the blasting heat indoors could create an even more fragile environment for your curls.

Melt Into Moisture is a personal favorite of mine and it’s a saving grace for my curls, especially during the winter months. It offers intense deep conditioning and can be used as either a pre-poo or after cleansing. It has amazing slip so you can detangle while you apply. Melt Into Moisture can be left on for 15-20 mins and even overnight depending on the state of your curls and how much moisture they need.

Heaven In Hair is another favorite product of mine because it can be used as a deep conditioner, leave-in, or just a regular conditioner! As a deep conditioner it can be used as a pre-poo or after cleansing just like Melt Into Moisture. If you’re looking for a little more moisture than our One Condition formulas, Heaven In Hair is the product to grab and instead of completely rinsing it out, you can leave some in your curls before applying your DevaCurl styling products.

To reap all the benefits from deep conditioning, you’ll want to ensure you are creating a source of heat and humidity to open up your follicles and allow your curls to absorb the product. You can do this by applying your deep conditioner in the shower and using the steam as a heat source, ensuring the hot water isn’t directly touching your curls. You can also use a heat cap which will use the heat from your scalp to create a warm environment for your products to do their best work. If you use a humidifier in your home during these drier months, you’re already a step ahead, as bringing humidity into the air will greatly benefit your curls by preventing them from drying out even further.

There’s the DevaTowel and then there’s the DevaTwist. Both are going to be great for your curls! It’s time to drop the terrycloth towel when it comes to drying your curls, especially in the winter. As we mentioned earlier, curls are naturally fragile and even more so in the winter. Using a microfiber towel, like the DevaTwist, will protect your curls from frizz as they dry compared to the rough material of a terrycloth towel, which could cause breakage, frizz, and over-dry your curls.

How Do I Take Care of Curly Hair in the Winter?

There are plenty of ways to give your curls some extra protection during the cold winter months. One is by incorporating silk or satin, whether in the form of satin-lined beanies like these from Grace Eleyae, or if caps are more your thing, these from TRESS! Silk and satin fibers provide a smooth surface for your curls which helps prevent frizz and excess dryness.

Protective styles are another way to care for your curls in the winter. Through styles like twists and braids, you can limit the amount of hair exposed to frigid temperatures and in turn, retain moisture and prevent tangles and frizz. Protective styles can also help cut back on heat use on your curls, as they’re meant to last several days or even weeks depending on the hair texture. Cutting back on heat can help your curls stay healthy looking throughout the cold winter.

How do you care for your winter curls? Comment below!


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