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The New DevaCurl Products + Packaging – What You Need to Know

New DevaCurl Products - Featured Hero Image

Look, I know I probably should’ve told you sooner. But this is a very delicate situation. I know change can be really hard. But, this is for the best – things are going to be so much better, because of this rebrand.

Now I know you’re thinking: BUT WHY?!

Well, for some people, shopping for the right product was hard. Certain names were confusing. And most importantly, it was IMPOSSIBLE to not confuse No-Poo and One Condition in the shower. (I mean really people?!)

So now we’re here. Think of this as DevaCurl 2.0.

New packaging. New how-to videos. BUT THE FORMULAS ARE STAYING THE SAME.

No-Poo is still No-Poo. I swear on puppies.

But EVERYTHING else is shiny and new. (Side note: I feel like Tim Cook at yesterday’s Apple Keynote).

Is this a lot? Yeah. But seriously, take a chill pill. We’re about to break it alllllll down. And you’ll be left feeling warm and fuzzy inside. (And really tempted to throw out your current Deva bottles, and buy the new ones because THE PACKAGING IS PRETTY!).

Let’s start here:

Got goosebumps? Us too. It’s a super exciting time to be part of the Deva Cult.

Now let’s get down to business. What’s happening with the product?!

There are now three key categories for shopping: Cleanse & Condition, Style & Shape, and Tools.

AND it’s actually easy to find what you’re looking for because WE’VE COLOR CODED ALL THE THINGS (the entire line is sorted into different color categories based on hair type or need). But, if you’re really confused about what DevaCurl product or regimen is right for you, just check out the bottle. Every product now has a handy shopping guide that asks three questions:

  • Is it for Me?
  • What Does it Do?
  • How Do I Use It?

Need more help? We’ve got a new search feature on You can search by curl type (Wavy, Curly, Super Curly), by ingredient preferences (What’s Vegan? What contains Wheat?), or by product benefits (Define and Control, Texture and Volume, Refresh and Extend, and Shine and Finish). *drops the mic*

Want to learn even more?!

Click here to learn about the cleanse and condition systems.

For a breakdown of Style and Shape click here.




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