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Big Chop Inspiration

Want to grow your curly hair long, strong, and healthy?

Most people choose between two routes: transitioning or opting for a big chop.

Both curly hair journeys require an intense amount of patience, but there’s no denying the transformative power of a committing to a big chop.

If you’re considering a big chop in the New Year, fear not, hundreds of women have gone through this incredible journey and most sing its praises. Today, we’re sharing just a few of their stories since they undoubtedly serve up some serious inspiration.

What made you want to big chop?

“I was going through a lot of changes in my life, and it all hit me at once.

I had been thinking about cutting my hair, but wasn’t really sure when I’d do it.

For a long time, I was hiding behind my hair. I started taking out all my emotions on it, bleaching it, neglecting it, going weeks without deep conditioning. Eventually, my hair got back at me and started to break off. That was the kick I needed to just go ahead and let it go” – Fedorah (@namedafterahat)

“3 words. Shorter. Wash. Days. But in all seriousness, I’m enjoying the freedom of not having to worry about how to style my hair. Now I’m playing with accessories, with bolder makeup looks, and getting to know my hair again- what it likes and doesn’t like, what products work best for definition and moisture. It’s definitely a journey but I’m enjoying it.” – Ashlee (@ashleewith2es)

“At first, I decided to transition because I was so attached to the length of my hair. I did that for about 6 months, then in January of 2014 I finally stood in the bathroom mirror and cut all of my hair off. I remember feeling so relieved. Since that moment I’ve really found myself, and I have greater appreciation for women who have hair like mine.” – Courtney (@herroyalcourtt)

What did you gain the most from your big chop journey?

“Being natural gave me a whole new excuse to reinvent myself and my style. This journey gave me a new-found confidence I’ve never had before.” – Reanell (@totaldivarea)

“I did my big chop in April of 2014. It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made, but one that I’ll never regret. Letting my hair grow in its natural state has given me freedom to be myself and connect with my roots.”  – Yani (@afrodominican79)

What do you wish you knew before you decided to big chop?

“I had a big chop 2 years ago, because I was basically frying my hair, so I had to chop it off.  You would think I learned right? Nope, I let it grow and still keep blowing it out and wondering why my hair wouldn’t curl. When I discovered DevaCurl it woke my hair up, and I was shown how I CAN rock and love my curls. And OH MAN DO I!!! After finally embracing my curls I’m feeling so free.

And watching my two little girls love their curls as well is so amazing and beautiful. If you’re considering a big chop, don’t be afraid. In the long run, you will be so happy.” – Ellie (@adventureswellie)

“This experience was hard at times. My family and friends were very “vocal” about my decision but thankfully I had my mind made up, so it was easier to tune the negative comments out. Big chopping was one of my best decisions and I haven’t looked back!” –Mary (@mg__03)

“What I’ve learned throughout this journey is to have patience with myself and also to accept the way my hair grows out of my scalp. You cannot compare your journey to anyone else’s or you’ll never love your curls. It’s about trial and error and there will be set backs but also nourish your curls! Love your hair at every state and it will love you back.” – Sephora (@SephoritaSenorita)

“It’s so worth it for a fresh start, if anyone were thinking about doing a big chop I would say….just do it!!” – Alicia (@neonstylefox)

“One of my favorite quotes by far for my hair journey is “I am not my hair,” by India Arie. So simple yet powerful! My big chop experience was so exhilarating because I did it for me and no one else. If you’re going to do this, love your hair at every stage after the big chop. The experience goes by fast.” – Montrice (@lovetriceyy)

Have you gotten a big chop? Or are you considering one? Share your story and pictures with us in the comments below!



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