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The Best Curly Holiday Hairstyles

One thing we know for sure: The holiday season is magical. It’s also the best time to try new hairstyles you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. Looking for holiday hair inspo? You’ve come to the right place. Scroll down for easy ways to glam up your curls.

Curly Updo

The perfect amount of messy and chic, this updo is just want the curly doctor ordered for the holidays. Sport this look during the week at work, or accessorize the style with a cocktail dress and heels. It’s playful and dressed-up at the same time.


“I love this style, it’s so easy to wear anytime during the holiday season. When I need extra moisture during the winter I look to hair masks and I stay away from hairsprays because they are so drying.”

— Nathalia

Chic Braided Ponytail

If we could wear a ponytail everyday of the year we would. But this style ups the ante with a braid that’s wrapped around the hair, adding a touch of holiday cheer that’s great for any holiday fête.


“I love braids during the holiday season. You can find me in a braided bun, a ponytail braided in the back, or a braided half up half down look. I love flowers and accessories all year round, too. During the winter my hair has tons of static, so I’ll apply a bit of leave in conditioner to minimize the frizz.”


Curly French Twist


“My curls are so tight, and since I value my curl pattern over damage from heat and styling, I mostly stick with a wash and go during the holiday. But, its exciting to see my hair do something cool!”


Curly Mohawk

Repeat after us: “There’s nothing cooler than a Mohawk!” Need some help getting the look? Simply part curls into three sections—the first part starting slightly in front of the ear and the second, behind the ear. Smooth down curls as you secure each section with a ponytail holder. Create small buns on top of each section. Apply Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam at the bottom section to add fullness and frizz protection.


“Typically I wear a Bantu knot crown, but this style is so fun because it stands out! I’ll be sure to add tinsel or string to make it pop even more. My quick holiday tip: apply deep conditioner every time you wash your hair in the winter, and just accept your hair the way it is—it’s beautiful!”


Accessorized Side Braid

Braids are in, and there’s no better time to show off the trend than the holiday season. Just be sure to accessorize with strings and ribbons for a seriously glam style.


“The holidays are the perfect time to experiment with your hair and do fun things. I really love this look because it’s simple and so cute. And, best of all, it’s so easy to create. My quick holiday tip: Once or twice a week use coconut oil for an oil treatment to add moisture. Also, don’t be afraid to trim your hair once a month to get rid of dead ends.”


What are you favorite holiday styles? Do you switch it up during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!


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