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All About Pineappling Curly Hair

Curly people don’t wash their curls often because curls need moisture and washing them too often can dry them out, cause frizz and even breakage because of the dryness. So how do curly people extend their wash days to give their curls what they need? One of the most popular styles that helps extend and protect curls is the pineapple!

What is a Pineapple?

It’s the cute name given to the loose high ponytail that sits on top of the head. You can wear a pineapple whether you have thick, fine, short, or long curls. Wearing a pineapple is a great way to sleep with your curls because it helps prevent frizz and flattened curls that may be caused by laying on a pillow. It also makes refreshing easier in the morning because the curls that were sitting at the top of your head were left untouched as you tossed and turned.

How to pineapple!

If you have long curls make sure you grab a loose scrunchie that will be able to hold all your hair but won’t leave a dent when you take it down. If you have shorter curls, and aren’t able to gather them all at the top of your head, grab three to four loose hair ties. Make sure you grab your satin scarf or bonnet to protect your curls while you sleep from the fabric of your pillowcase.

Step 1: Once you’ve washed your curls and applied your favorite DevaCurl products, make sure your curls are completely dry. If you’re ready to go to bed but they’re still damp, grab your DevaFuser and dry the rest of your curls on low heat and speed.

Step 2: For long curlies, tilt your head forward and wrap your loose scrunchie one time around your curls, so you’re not left with an indent, and let them sit at the top of your head. For short curlies, split your curls into three to four sections and loosely tie the hair ties around each section of hair towards the end. We recommend wrapping the hair ties one to two times max so you’re not left with an indent and they’re not pulling tightly on your curls.

Step 3: Grab your satin scarf and tilt your head forward and wrap it around your hairline so that your pineapple pops out from the top. If you’re using a satin bonnet, just completely place it over your pineapple.

Step 4: When you wake up the next day, take your pineapple down. Spray some High Shine on your hands to fluff your curls at the roots or use a hair pick. It can take a few minutes for your curls to wake up but using a few sprays of DevaFresh will help speed up the process and you’ll be able to target those curls that may need a little more help.

Here’s a tip: Use your DevaDryer and DevaFuser attachment to blast your curls with some cold air on low speed to help fluff and if you want a more lived in look!

Now that you know all the steps, happy pineappling! And make sure to let us know if you have any questions below!


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