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5 Mistakes You’re Making with Ultra Defining Gel

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ICYMI DevaCurl just released its new Liter sets. $88 gets you a jumbo cleanse and condition duo, plus a styler (all for less than the liters #victory). This year’s kits feature the same styler: Ultra Defining Gel. One product, for all three curl types—yes that’s actually possible. Every texture can use the same product.


Gel is magical. Duh.

But I’ve tried it before, it left my hair crunchy or white and flakey or stringy.

WELL you probably fell trap to some of the most common myths (*ahem* LIES) of how to use it.

Here, we walk you through the must-know facts to give you perfect waves and curls every time.

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Myth #1: Whenever I Use Gel I Get Really Weird White Flakes in My Hair and It Looks Like I have Dandruff but I Don’t

So here’s the deal – Gel and cream stylers (or gels and conditioners) that are silicone free can in fact coagulate (aka make that icky white stuff). If this is happening, three things could be at fault:

  1. Your hair isn’t wet enough when you apply the product—only ever apply gel to SOAKING wet hair. I’m talking torrential downpour coming from your scalp. The floor where you apply your gel should not be dry.
  2. You’re leaving in too much conditioner—drizzle in a bit more water to prevent the coagulation.
  3. You’re putting cream on top of gel – reverse your technique, gel goes on top of cream, not the other way around.

Myth #2: Gel Makes My Curls Look Like They Came Out of a 90’s TV Show Because They Are Crunchtacular

Okay ew. If this happened to you, I understand why you no longer wish to be on the gel band-wagon. But the fact of the matter is this just shouldn’t happen with DevaCurl Gels. They’re free of silicone which means they don’t crunch. Here’s what could be going wrong:

  1. You’re applying it to damp hair. The key again is very WET hair. Not damp, WET. Slip and slide wet.
  2. You’re not applying the product evenly. If you’re just scrunching gel into your hair willy-nilly, the product isn’t getting where it needs to go. When you apply it: flip your head over, glide the gel down your very wet hair on the outside and inside, then scrunch like crazy.

Myth #3: Gel is Super Duper Drying and My Hair Will Feel Like Straw and That’s Just Unpleasant

 If it’s full of silicone and alcohol – yeah it totally will. But DevaCurl’s gels are completely free of any drying alcohols. They are however, infused with glycerin, which yes, is technically an alcohol. But don’t freak out – it won’t dry out your curls. It’s actually super moisturizing.

If you happen to want even more moisture, apply a cream styler before your gel, to help give your hair a solid moisture foundation.

Myth #4: You Can’t Use Gel to Refresh Your Hair or You End Up Sticky and My Hair Is Not Gummy Candy and Therefore Shouldn’t Be Sticky

 Turns out you can. Stick with me on this one – as long as you’re light handed, it’s totally cool to use gel to refresh your second day curls. The key again is MOISTURE. Whatever curls you’re touching up need to get WET. Your whole head doesn’t have to be, just the few curls here or there that went a little crazy. Then just go in lightly with a few drops of gel. Boom.

Myth #5: You Have to Spend 4 Hours Setting Your Hair in The Morning with Gel Cause That’s The Only Way It Will Look Perfect, but Then You Have to Wake Up Early and You Really Don’t Wanna

LIES! I too used to only save gel for the weekends, when I could sleep till 12:30 pm and then take a leisurely shower and wait 8+ hours for my hair to air dry. And then a GENIUS told me to wash and set my hair with gel at night – but to wait to shake it out.

DevaCurl gels dry with a curl cast (that’s how they make your hair look perfect) and you break the cast by scrunching. But if you sleep on casted curls, the cast preserves your curls. It may soften while you sleep, but the actual curl is preserved.

Basically, this is a miracle in action. Think about it: you can snooze your alarm 12 times, rush to get ready, and STILL have fabulous hair. That is life changing information people. You are welcome.

So there you have it, 5 long winded myths about gel that just got BUSTED. Gel really is just an amazing styler – and it can be used by all curl kind. How do you use Ultra Defining Gel? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments!

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