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2nd Day Hair, Don’t Care

What on earth does one do the morning after? And I’m not talking about date etiquette. Whether I head for the hills or make you pancakes is a case by case thing. What I’m talking about is what I do with my hair. I wake up in the morning, looking nothing like P. Diddy, and do you wanna know what’s in that guy’s medicine cabinet to help? NOTHING.

Pack your essentials for a 2nd day hair refresh.

If you’re lucky you might find pomade (hello, edge tamer!). Or if you’re dating a Brooklyn hipster with a man bun you may stumble upon some conditioner). If you find hair gel, well I’m sorry about your score – but so happy for your hair. The truth is the only way to have some real insurance about your second-day hair is to pack a few essentials.

The truth is the only way to have some real insurance about your second-day hair is to pack a few essentials.

For the girl who carries a teeny-tiny bag:

Your best bet is a refreshing spray like Mist-er Right. The lavender spray (that smells like a dream) reactivates whatever stylers are already in your hair. A quick spritz and scrunch is all it takes. Keeping a mini 3 oz. bottle has been a personal lifesaver.

For the girl with the modest shoulder bag (and crazy morning knots):

Priority numero uno: detangling. Two options: DevaCurl’s No-Comb Detangling Spray (which also fights frizz) or a spray bottle filled with a mix of water and One Condition (or your man’s conditioner, if you’re desperate). Spritz either of these options throughout hair, finger-comb, and you’re ready for action.

For the smart girl with a big-ass bag (and one super strong shoulder):

I hope wherever you went had a coat check because your bag probably weighs 30 pounds. Congratulations on being the Mary Poppins of your friend group and on always having everything you need. Including all of your hair products. One of my faves for refreshing? Set It Free and The Curl Maker. Disclaimer: no one cocktail works for everyone. So this might be a disaster for you. Your second-day hair routine is going to require some trial and error. *Sigh* Guys why is life with curls so hard?!

I’ve spent enough nights away from home when I’ve learned to at least pack one or two things for a daily 2nd day curly hair routine. TBH I’m not that responsible when it comes to my hair. And there have been one or two (*ahem* several) occasions when I had absolutely nothing and had to scavenger an apartment looking for solutions. On one occasion I got weird and turned to straight up olive oil. I can’t be the only one who’s done this right? Please tell me I’m not the only one.



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