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2016, A Year in Review

I’m pretty sure the universal consensus is that 2016 was a kind of a disaster.

From Zika, to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, to worldwide political insanity (Brexit, the presidential election, various impeachments) – this was a year of complete chaos.

Not to mention we lost SO many celebrity icons – Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman. My heart just couldn’t take it.

Universe, what happened?!

It seems as though life’s built up.

I have yet to meet a single person who was like YAS, 2016 was my year.

BUT … it’s all going to be okay. Tomorrow, is a brand new year. And today, we’ll enjoy a gif where John Oliver blows up this impossible year:


But before we say farewell, let’s take a moment to reflect on the good, the bad, and the frizzy from our devoted, passionate “For All Curl Kind” community this year.

We’ve had our most popular posts:

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Then there was the one where we sent different curl types to a blowout bar.

Not to mention the piece about your most essential curl tips.

AND there’s been so much more.

We’ve been through a lot together this year, and hopefully, it’s only gonna get better. Cheers to this fabulously loyal curly fam!

If you’ve got ideas on how we can make this place even better, please, share with us in the comments below! This blog is all about you, our community, and we’re here to deliver what you want, so tell us what you want to see!