12 Days Of Deva

12 Days of Deva

Guess what guys.


No really, you gotta guess.

Okay FINE, I’ll just tell you.

Remember how last year we had an advent calendar with lots of fun tutorials, surprises, and giveaways?

We’re not doing that again.


Don’t get mad.

Let me finish. Sheesh.

We’re doing something different.

For the next 12 days, we’re doing DevaCurl giveaways on DevaCurl.com.

That’s 12 days, aka 12 chances to win.

And while the prizes start out super small, they get bigger, and BIGGER, and BIGGER every day.

Aka you should be pretty excited.

Want your chance to win? Sign up here.

Each day, you’ll

But what if you don’t win?!

Don’t fret, there’s a special sale each day for anyone who doesn’t win. Aka at the very least, you’re guaranteed access to a special Deva Deal.

Get. In. On. This. People.

Oh that’s not enough?

Sorry, not sorry. Because um. We teamed up with 97 curly girls, to give away our brand new Miracle Kits. Keep your eyes peeled on the hashtag #DevaMiracle across Twitter and Instagram and you might just catch one.

To find the giveaways, simply search for the #DevaMiracle hashtag on social platforms. Right now, on Insta there’s three hiding in the top posts.

But keep your eyes peeled, new ones are launching every day!


Yeah, we figured you were.

Sign up for 12 Days of Deva right here! And don’t forget to continue to watch out for #DevaMiracle on Instagram here and on Twitter here.




Team Deva