No-Poo Curl - 3 oz.
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DevaCurl No-Poo

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What it is

No-Poo™ Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser is the original, bestselling, non-lathering cleanser. Our sulfate-free, highly moisturizing conditioning cleanser stimulates, hydrates, and cleans the scalp and hair to reveal the healthiest, bounciest natural curls. Join the No-Poo Movement!

Key Ingredients

Hops, Peppermint, Grapeseed Oil, Wheat Amino Acids

What’s not in it

Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Paraffin, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, DEA/MEA/TEA

How to Use it

  • Wet curls thoroughly. 
  • Apply a liberal amount of cleanser between palms, and work vigorously throughout your scalp and gently through the ends of your hair.
  • Continue with vigorous motion on your scalp to rinse thoroughly.  

Reviews ( 10 )

May 18, 2015

DevaCurl Rating


My sister and I started using this after our mom (she's a stylist) got us the starter kit that came with a book. We were hooked right from the start and have been using it for about 2 years now. It's super worth it

April 24, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

GREAT System!

I don't know what team of chemists came up with the DevaCurl system, but the results are noticeably fantastic! I prefer botanical/organic products and have used everything from handmade to high end organic products, always looking at ingredients, not promises anyone can print on a label. Even though I like the "clean and green" approach, it rarely got me the kinds of results I wanted. I'd look at other women's shiny locks and wish botanically based products could deliver the same shine and styling control. Although DevaCurl's not quite as natural as I'd prefer, they are still notably more natural than other brands, and I'm willing to sacrifice the purely organic approach for the amazing RESULTS you get when using the entire DevaCurl system (I really wish they'd invest in sustainable packaging/bottling!). It's amazing!! Best results come with continued use. The No-Poo works and smells great and will hydrate and rehab your curls over time, though you'll notice results after your first use. Follow DevaCurl's styling tips for best results: keep fingers out of hair while it dries, and be generous with the amount of product you apply. You'll end up with shiny, bouncy curls that put blown-out styles to shame! It's way worth it!!

March 28, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

Itchy Scalp

I've been through half a bottle of this on my very fine, 3a curls and my scalp is unbearably itchy all the time.

I love DevaCurl conditioner, cream and gel, but this is not working for me.

March 16, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

Amazing stuff

This product will change your life! While I do pair it with the one condition and gel and find they work best together the no poo was my first product. It feels like a mask and is very nourishing to my scalp. It does work best to use a lot of product but I don't use it every day. There is nothing that works this well for curly hair. I highly recommend.

March 12, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

The Best...Love it!!!

This product helps give my hair the moisture it needs! My hair was very dry & frizzy. This product helps my hair be healthy & more manageable than anything I've ever used. I've been using these products for over 2 years and will use them for a lifetime!!! Thanks again DevaCurl!!

March 08, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

Healthy Curls!

I cannot say enough about this product! My hair used to be a dry, frizzy mess. After one month of using NoPoo and the One Condition my hair feels healthy and looks better than ever before! I would recommend giving it a try...and find a good stylist who can help you, too.

February 12, 2015

DevaCurl Rating


I love the DevaCurl! I have purchased about every product out that claims to prevent FRIZ and give soft natural curls BUT this shampoo and conditioner has actually done it!! I may stop getting my hair colored now it is that good! I get complements on my hair daily!! Thank You!!

February 07, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

Moisture, Style, and Freshness!

I have experimented with many different conditioning cleansers. From home made rosemary mint brands to shea moisture, my hair reacted well with them both but I never felt like my hair was really "clean" and I knew that shampoo dries my hair out so I still shampooed every week. Now with the no-poo I really never need to shampoo again. My hair feels absolutely refreshed, moist, and beautiful!!! I will never switch to another brand again. Combined with the hair conditioner it's perfect. I don't even use any other products on my hair after this and the conditioner!

The price may be a negative for a lot of people because it is a lot more than your conventional drug store product. I myself am a college student and can't usually afford pleasures like these but TRUST ME. Buying a 32oz of this and the One Condition together for will take care of you for MONTHS!!! In the end, you'll save money! I can't recommend this enough

PS I have 3B type hair!!

February 03, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

- 1 Star for Price and availability

This product is amazing. Makes my hair look better than it has ever looked. The only downfall to this product is its availability and its price. For that, I took a star away. I always seem to run out when I cant quite make the $120 purchase in hair products. But it does work wonders and I enjoy when I can make the purchase and use it cause it makes my hair happy.

January 25, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

Life Changing

Curly girls, this product is hyped up for a reason. It is simply the BEST for curly hair, especially if you're avoiding silicones and sulfates (which is a good idea for all hair, but curly especially). There is an adjustment period between regular shampoo (which strips your hair of oil) to using this shampoo, I wouldn't be surprised if you hair was oily at first, but give it a few weeks and you'll see the payoff! Obviously, this product is pretty expensive, but it has taken my frizzy, wavy-in-some-places-but-tight-ringlets-in-others hair and made nice, hydrated curls.


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