Have You Ever Been Curl Shamed?

Curl Shamed - Featured Hero Image

When I was little, I was called Cousin It, you know, from the Addams family. I was also told that one could mop the floor with my hair, that I was a poodle, and that I looked like I had been electrocuted.

And that was just my mother.

Kids in school, they were just as nice, let me tell you. But this is a struggle every curly girl is familiar with. It seems to be impossible for someone to not have an opinion on our texture.

Can I just ask – why?! Why is it your business? Why do you care?

And speaking of business, why is it so unacceptable for us to wear our hair curly to the office? I have religiously straightened my hair for job interviews my entire life (until DevaCurl that is πŸ™‚ ). But seriously how did a texture become classified as unprofessional?

The variety of stigmas that surround curly hair are just bizarre, which is why in our newest episode of β€œFor All Curl Kind,” we asked members of the curl community to step up and talk about curl shaming. Is it a thing? (Spoiler alert: YES. YES IT IS.). Watch the video below to hear what they said, then tell us what you think. Are they way off base? Or is this legit?

Also – I’m genuinely curious, did your mom’s have pet names for your curls?! Or was this just mine?