WHAT IS A Curl Ambassador?

Deva’s Curl Ambassadors help us embrace, educate, and celebrate curls of all kinds. Not only do they love their texture, but they’ve got an amazing story to share. They engage with curly girls and guys in a positive, uplifting way. And most importantly, they are our partners. We’re working with them to bring their amazing passion projects to life.

Tori Piskin
DevaCurl fan since 2007

A New York native, Tori is a comedian with signature red curls who has spent the last decade at Devachan.

Ginny Pettitt
DevaCurl lover since 2014

A UK-based fashion blogger, most well-known for starting the FroDay movement on social media. Every Friday girls around the world use #FroDay to celebrate their natural hair. The project encourages self-love and embracing one’s texture.

Kai Frias
DevaCurl addict since 2009

A self-proclaimed DevaCurl Addict, Kai is based in San Diego with her husband and two children. She is a mentor in the curly community and is known for winning the SuperCream challenge.