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The Best Moments from Our Buildup Buster Event

Whenever someone gets married or has a baby, there’s only one thing to do: celebrate. After all your family is expanding, what could possibly be better?

Well, when Buildup Buster came into this world, that’s exactly what we did. We hosted a party for our little miracle, the world’s first Micellar Water Cleansing Serum for hair!

Naturally, we invited our entire curl community. And let me tell you something – there ain’t no party, like a DevaCurl party.

My Boyfriend Hates My Hair

Right around the time I was transitioning, I got my first real boyfriend.

He had a lot of opinions. Unfortunately, many of them were about my hair.

The most prominent, and often repeated one? My hair looked better straight. Actually if you want to get REALLY specific, according to him, my hair line was weird and when I wore my curls it made my hair look extra frizzy.

At the ripe, impressionable age of 17, I believed him.

How to Wash Curly Hair

Do you really need a blog post about how to properly wash your hair? One would think not.

I mean, it’s washing your hair, not rocket science, right?

Well, as it turns out, when it comes to caring for curls and waves, making small changes to your shower routine can make an enormous difference in your results. That’s why DevaCurl’s newest Spring Kits are packed with do’s and don’ts that you definitely need to know.

Transitioning to Natural Hair? These Before and Afters Will Keep You Inspired

Most of us, if not all of us, have worn our hair straight at some point in our lives. It is the inevitable, ‘we all want what we can’t have’ struggle.

For those of us who were extremely dedicated to the straight-haired cause, we turned to chemical relaxers for curly hair (Keratin treatments, Brazilian Blowouts, Japanese Straightening) or we used an excessive amount of heat on the regular. I have done all of the above to my hair.

Our Favorite Curly Hair Models


It’s officially slay season.

Translation: Fashion week is here!!!

So. Many. Pretty. Clothes.

But also – so. Many. Pretty. Curls. on beautiful girls. That’s right, curls are officially a runway staple.


And to celebrate this long overdue reality, we’re interviewing some of our favorite curly models and getting all their curly hair secrets!

DevaCurl 101: How to Pick a Gel for Curly Hair

Ah hair gel. Glorious, glorious hair gel. Baby Samantha depended on you like no other. You were a saving grace when that scrunched wet look was the thing.

I still remember looking at my shiny, frizz-free, crunchy hair and being like “YES, my hair looks good today.”

I have no idea what was wrong with me.

But don’t even try to deny it – because I know that you had that blue hair gel. You probably still have it. I might actually still have it.

DevaCurl Did More Than Save My Curls

I will never forget the day my big sister, Aubrie, discovered DevaCurl.  She had spent the day binge watching YouTube videos, saw SunkissAlba’s DevaCut and fell in love.

After years of struggling with our curls we knew, this was it—we needed DevaCuts and DevaCurl!  So, we decided to save up and start our journeys together. We were so excited.

But, before our curly dreams could come true, Aubrie was in a car accident. And on July 12, 2013, she was promoted to a curly angel in heaven. It’s a day I try to not remember, but it’s one I can’t forget.