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Going on a Trip? We’ve got travel hair products, curly hair tips, and more!

I love to travel, like a lot. But traveling with curly hair can make packing a tad… complicated.

For a while, packing everything I needed to care for my curls looked a lot like this:

It wasn’t exactly practical.

The truth is, if you want space to pack your cute sandals, you’ve got to streamline your curly hair routine and pack only the essentials. Not sure how to start? You’re in luck, some of our favorite curly hair bloggers shared their tips for traveling with curly hair.

Hair Remedies: Kitchen Ingredients to Care for Curly Hair

Ah the kitchen, the place of delicious things, a place of good food, good company, good…hair? Yep, you read that right. It turns out there’s a lot of things in your kitchen that can help you care for your curls naturally. In honor of Earth Day, we’re breaking down the best kitchen ingredients for curly hair. With the help of Eladia LeBron, Colorist at Devachan Salon Upper West Side we’re giving you tips on how to combine natural ingredients with your favorite Deva products for your best curls yet.

The Best Way to Detangle Curly Hair

If my hair life could be summed up by one Disney movie, it would have to be:

One of my most vivid (not to mention unfortunate) childhood memories is my dad attempting to comb my curly hair with a fine-tooth plastic comb. It was incredibly painful. I would say it was mostly unsuccessful, considering that we broke a lot of combs. He’d likely argue that it worked – my hair was detangled. For like 5 whole minutes.