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Curly Hair Cocktail Trios

Cocktail Hair Products - Featured Hero Image

It is also the time of year for sales. Glorious, glorious sales. They’re everywhere – on clothing, on purses, on shoes, oh and did I mention ON DEVACURL.COM?! Starting Monday, November 21: Buy 2 stylers (any size) get 1 free. It’s like the curl gods heard our prayers. Oh and if you live near Devachan, you can take advantage of the sale their too. I KNOW – this is amazing! This is your opportunity to stock up on your favorite styling gems and to try new products (and new cocktails) guilt free! Anddddd we’ve got inspiration to help you cocktail hair products like never before. You’re welcome. Each combo is designed to give you a different result based on your #curlgoals and they’re easy as 1, 2, 3 (because that’s how many products you’ll need).

Our Favorite Curly Hair Bloggers

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*Cues up the Golden Girls theme song*

Thank you for being a frienddddddddddddd, who’s traveled to Devachan and back againnnnnnnn.

Given the time of year, we couldn’t think of a better post than one that thanks our favorite curly influencers. The ones who love Deva, as much as we love them. (And we love them A LOT. This may or may not be a very unhealthy relationship.)

They’ve spent a lot of time (and a lot of SuperCream) spreading the DevaLove and sharing their curly hair tips and tricks with the internet. And we’re telling you all about them because you should follow them. They’re awesome and their hair is FABULOUS.

Curly Holiday Hairstyles

Curly Holiday Hairstyle with Head Scarf - Featured Hero Image

Happy Holidaaaaaaaaaaaays. Happy Holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays.

Do you hear Bing Crosby in your head yet?

Yes, I am the person blasting holiday music at Deva HQ. I am getting it stuck in everyone’s head, including yours, and do you want to know why?!

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeear!

You know it’s true.

And to celebrate, Deva released three limited edition kits – one for wavy mavens, one for curly peeps, and one for super curly girls. Each one has a very shiny scarf, and if you ever saw it you would even say it glows (okay, I’m done…maybe).

And now, we’re going to show you how to use each kit and how to rock the scarf. We’re going to frolic and play, the DevaCurl Way, stylin’ you for a winter wonderlaaaaaaaand.

3 Ways to Style Head Scarves for Curly Hair

Head Scarves for Curly Hair - Featured Hero Image

ICYMI (that’s “In Case You Missed It” for us less acronym savvy folks) this year’s limited edition Holiday Kits from DevaCurl feature a fancy-schmancy scarf. And while the scarf is great for protective styles or for wrapping your hair when you sleep (bye, bye frizz!) it’s also an adorable hair accessory whether you have wavy, curly, or super curly hair. And lucky for you we have three tutorials on how to style head scarves for curly hair. Before you know it your curls will be all wrapped up and ready to go.