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FroDay 2016 Recap

FroDay Recap - Featured Hero Image

Over 200 curly girls (and even a few Deva Dudes) joined us in NYC and LA with FroGirlGinny to celebrate their curls. Both events were full of amazing supportive energy, smiles, and incredible hair!

So how exactly did we celebrate FroDay?

How to Get Wavy Hair – 3 Different Ways

How to Get Wavy Hair - Featured Hero Image

I should preface this blog post with a confession. I have curly hair, like Shirley Temple (if I’m being honest it’s more like weird Al, but whatever). I have never in my life had wavy hair. I know absolutely nothing about how to get wavy hair  (though I do know that having it makes you automatically fabulous, cc: Gisele).

Thankfully, there are a lot of people at DevaCurl who have wavy hair. Stylists included. And it is to them that I must attribute all of the tips and tricks that are about to blow your mind.