Posts Written OnJune 2016

Curly Hairstyles for 4th of July

Curly Hairstyles for the 4th of July - Featured Hero Image

Sorry guys I’m just a little excited. The truth is I’m super into holidays. Like I buy my grandmother a card for Saint Patrick’s Day, and we’re not Irish. And when the idea of brainstorming fun things to do with your curls came up for this holiday weekend, I was like YEAH.

What is No-Poo?

What is No-Poo - Featured Hero Image

For years curly and straight haired women alike have talked about some cult movement to “quit shampoo.” At first it sounds like some weird hippie-coachella fad. But apparently there is science behind this. They say that ditching suds can actually do wonders for your hair and scalp – but TBH it all sounds kind of disgusting. Why on earth would you not wash your hair? Wouldn’t it start to smell?