Posts Written OnMay 2016

What is a DevaCut? I Tried It.

DevaCut - Featured Hero Image

What is a DevaCut? If you asked me two years ago I would’ve looked at you like you were insane. Then I discovered the internet and realized people would not stop shut up about this haircut. After a 12-hour YouTube review binge watch, I made an appointment. Here, *cue the Law & Order music* is my story…

Frizzy Curly Hair? Eff That.

Frizzy Curly Hair - Featured Hero Image

In case you’re a straight haired girl who magically wandered onto this blog, let me break it down for you. Curly-haired folks, we live in constant fear of humidity, rain, brushes, hats, hoods, and terrycloth. Life is hard. Mostly because our hair just wont stop frizzing. Frizzy curly hair is just inescapable.

5 Tips for Curly Hair You *NEED* to Know

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Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve got curly hair and you know how to navigate the internet. Congratulations.

Aside from being competent in the 21st century, this also pretty much guarantees that you’ve seen the endless wealth of knowledge available to curly girls (and dudes. James Franco can you hear me?).

There’s SO. MUCH. STUFF.

2nd Day Hair – How to Refresh Curls

2nd Day Hair - Featured Hero Image

What on earth does one do the morning after? And I’m not talking about date etiquette. Whether I head for the hills or make you pancakes is a case by case thing. What I’m talking about is what I do with my hair. I wake up in the morning, looking nothing like P Diddy, and do you wanna know what’s in that guy’s medicine cabinet to help? NOTHING.