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Deva Inspired Stylist

2 Reviews

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Level 1 InspiredDeva Inspired Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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3317 McKinney Ave. Ste. 101, Dallas, TX, US 75204

devacurl services


This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super curly. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in its natural state. This service includes a transformation service.

DevaCurl Transformation

From wavy to super curly, the beauty of this service is the customized design for every client. This luxurious process begins with a healthy botanical cleanse and condition, followed by a styling and coaching session for at-home curl care.


2 Reviews

Two strikes

Curly Joe|October 20, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $76-$125

I am a transplant from New York who has been going to Devachan for more than a decade, but I needed a Dallas-based Deva-trained stylist so that I did not have to worry about traveling to NYC for a haircut. I saw Holly twice and had to wait a year between haircuts to let it grow out because it was so bad. I was extremely clear both times about what I wanted and that I did not want her to cut my hair too short (I showed her exactly what was too short), but both times she cut my hair so short that I could not style it the way I wanted for at least three months. It was incredibly frustrating the first time, but I gave her a second chance in case it was my fault and I was not clear enough about what I wanted. The second time, I explained what was wrong with the last cut and tried again to be incredibly clear. She said she understood but did exactly the same thing again. It took another year to grow out. I am not sure what the issue is here, but it does seem like there is a lot of socializing and talking among the stylists at this salon, so maybe she is just not listening to what I am saying or not paying attention to what she is doing. Anyway, I am back to trying to find someone in Dallas to cut my hair or waiting until I have a business trip in NYC to make an appointment. One thing is for sure — I will not risk a third bad haircut and another year waiting for it to grow out by going back to Dear Clark.

Devachan cut turned to traditional wet cut

Chelsea|March 27, 2018
I went last june 2017. Loved the cut by holly. So of course I made another appointment to see Holly. Went this past Saturday needing to reshape and cut some damage from my chin length bob (little past my chin). Left with a page boy bowl cut just to my ear lobes. Arrived at my apt time but wasn't seen for 30 minutes after my scheduled time while Holly finished up another client. Talked about saving as much as possible and just reshaping. Started with the traditional dry devachan cut. Holly reshaped for about 6 minutes and I loved the shape. Was feeling confident and happy. Holly then hands me over to her assistant for a wash and mask and says after the mask she will take another look and trim what needs to be trimmed. The assistant puts the mask on and I'm sat under the dryer for 45 minutes even though I protested the heat, the assistant insisted Holly knew what she was doing. My husband who was with me said Holly was doing a male cut and then he saw her eatting. So my "dryer" experience was really jist to provide a break for her. My hair literally got nothing from the dryer mask combo. Then still head full of thick mask because they piled it on so thick, holly combs my wet soggy hair flat and proceeds again to "trim" it... next thing I know I'm looking at all my hair on the floor and it littlerally while wet comes to my ear lobes. They sit my under the dryer again after rinsing out the mask for another 20 minutes. My hair is flat and my scalp is tender and not well defined from the assistant scrunching out all of the product with paper towels way too hard. Then holly preceeds to fluffy my hair and shake it trying to make the 3 inches i have left look longer. For $165 It wasn't what I wanted and I left very disappointed and on the verge of tears. I was so upset about my hair that my husband and I couldnt enjoy the rest of the day we had planned because I didnt want to be seen with the short frizzy fluffed out no curls fro. I just wanted to go home. We even stopped at walgreens to get a headband and scarf in hopes it would sort of help but it didnt. I will never go back to dear clark hair studio. I hate the cut and the service 100% and wish I wouldn't have just gone to a regular salon for a regular wet cut since that's how my service turned out. I can't believe I wasted that much money on such crap service. Yes the employees were all so nice and ooo-ing and aww-ing my cut once holly was done but it was a total fake appraisal, no one in their right mind would honestly believe it looked good. The salon is nice but be aware they will double and triple book so that u will be put in between other clients hoping from chair to bowl to dryer to chair to dryer. I arrived at noon and left at 2:11 while most of the time was me sitting and waiting or under the dryer or waiting at a wash bowl. Holly spent a total of 22 minutes with her hands on my hair between the two cuts and fluffing and talking to other clients. My husband literally clocked the time she spent on me because that is just they type of guy he is. Like I said, it was a horrible cut and now it's a waiting game for it to grow out to a length that I will be able to do anything with.

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