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Deva Certified Stylist

108 Reviews

Certificate Level

Texture ExpertArt of Texture Stylist

Completed our hands-on course for super curly and highly textured hair

Level 3 MasterDeva Certified Stylist

Achieved DevaCurl certification, our highest level of curl expertise

Find Alicia Torrens at

Alicia's Curls @ Brandon Hairstyling


825 E Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL, US 33511

RizoCultura Hair Treatment & Nutrition


322 Avenida José De Diego, San Juan, PR, US 00909

devacurl services


This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super curly. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in its natural state. This service includes a transformation service.

Pintura Highlighting

This award-winning technique was designed to add gorgeous, light-reflecting highlights to all natural textures. Pintura Highlighting offers the perfect harmony and balance to waves and curls giving brilliance and dimension to beautifully compliment your DevaCut.

DevaCurl Transformation

From wavy to super curly, the beauty of this service is the customized design for every client. This luxurious process begins with a healthy botanical cleanse and condition, followed by a styling and coaching session for at-home curl care.

Super Curly DevaCut

This customized cutting technique springs from the DevaCurl foundational principles catering to highly textured, super curly clients. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, in its natural state, according to curl pattern, desired style, personality and lifestyle. This service includes a super curly transformation.

Super Curly No-Poo Transformation

Customized for super curly textures, this luxurious service begins with a healthy botanical cleanse and condition for ultra moisture, followed by a styling and coaching session for at-home curl care. 


108 Reviews

Canceled my appointment after I drove 2.5 hours to see her and will not refund deposit she required to book appointment

Alicia Whitworth|February 9, 2020

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $175+

I drove from Gainesville Florida to Brandon Florida. That is a 2 1/2 hour drive because she had such fabulous reviews. When I arrive a little before 1 pm I could not find the location. I was driving around and when I called her it was 1:06 PM on my car’s clock. I know the time because she said “your late, your not supposed to be late” and kept going on about me being late. I kept telling her I couldn’t find the location. Instead of helping me try and find a location she kept telling me that the directions were in a text. I told her I never got the text on three separate occasions during our phone conversation that I never got her text. I looked at my phone after the call and it lasted 4 minutes. So for four minutes she was telling me I wasn’t supposed to be late and that the directions to her salon were in the text she sent me. This was the text “Friendly reminder no debit or credit cards, only cash,Personal checks ,Venmo,Cash App ,Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you are going to use PayPal PLEASE USE ONLY FRIENDS AND FAMILY Thank you! Brandonhairstyling mi I'm Inside Elite Salon Suites room 2. We are located in a corridor next to a business called My Gym” Well during the phone call it did not register in my mind that text about paying cash included directions. Well I lost my patience and said I never got your text are you going to help me find the location or not she said don’t come and you’re not getting a refund. When I walked inside and asked her what to do about a refund considering I was only six minutes late because I could not find the place. She said step out of my salon and don’t come back and you’re not getting a refund. She texted me saying she wanted me to come back. When I told her I wasn’t interested she said she would send back my deposit. Well then she said that since I had placed a dispute with PayPal so I could get a refund because SHE canceled the appointment, I had to mark it as resolved or the refund would not process. Me being trusting and naive, I did mark it as resolved. Well the appointment was 12/21/19 and I marked the dispute resolved on 1/9/20. I have been contacting her and as of yet have not heard back about the refund she said she would give me.

Best haircut by far!

Veronica|November 13, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $175+

Alicia did such a fantastic job and my hair looks better and better with each passing day. She was definitely worth the drive since I live on the other coast.

My First DevaCurl Cut!

Sulie|July 13, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $126-$175

Wow! I was just so nervous to even book my first DevaCurl Cut and for nothing! Alicia did ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Not only did Alicia give me the exact style I asked for.. but she explained the process as she went and went over with me what my daily routine should look like. Alicia helped me learn to love my curls more than ever! If you have trouble understanding your curls and want a beautiful DevaCurl Cut.. Book your appointment with Alicia!

Highly recommend

Laura|May 25, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut, DevaCurl Transformation

Price: $175+

This was my first deva cut experience and I loved it. This is definitely not your everyday haircut. Alicia took her time as With me to get to know my hair and what my hair goals were. She explained the process every step of the way and made sure I understood the process. I although I did purchase some products Alicia did not push any products or services on me which I greatly appreciated. If you have naturally curly hair I highly recommend Alicia.

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