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Brandon Hairstyling

Brandon, FL
4.9 / 101 Reviews

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  • Deva Certified Stylist

    Achieved DevaCurl certification, our highest level of curl expertise

  • Art of Texture Stylist

    Completed our hands-on course for super curly and highly textured hair

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Alicia Torrens

Deva Certified Stylist
4.9 / 100 Reviews
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  • DevaCut
  • Pintura Highlighting
  • DevaCurl Transformation
  • Super Curly No-Poo Transformation
  • Super Curly DevaCut
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Curl Guru

by Shandi James on JANUARY 24, 2019
Service Received: DevaCut

This girl knows her craft! I’ve been through her Instagram and her work is exceptional! I have 4c hair . I’ve never had a proper cut and proper care for my kinky hair! She does magic!! Highly recommend her hands down.

Forever Stylist

by Luci on OCTOBER 31, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

I’ve been to a lot of stylists who claim to be curl specialist. Hands down, Alicia is the best! She cuts my hair to take advantage of my natural curl. Every time. With her expertise, she has taught me how to manage my curls and use the right products. I highly recommend Alicia.

Curl guru

by Nicole Gentley on AUGUST 29, 2018
Service Received: Super Curly DevaCut, Super Curly No-Poo Transformation

This girl knows how to work with curls. I have 4 c curls and she worked magic in my hair. Taught me how to care for my hair after the haircut learned so much from Alicia I will be coming back! I highly recommend her

Alicia is a rock star

by Michele Coccaro on JULY 20, 2018
Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation, DevaCut

Went for my first curly girl, Deva, haircut today with Alicia and it was absolutely fantastic! She really takes her time, tends to each curl and gives you a great education on caring for your curls. All info is on her website about the types of cuts, detailed pricing and all info you need before you go! I found my permanent hairstylist finally! Do not hesitate to make an appointment and it's well worth the wait

My First Devacut

by Julissa on JULY 15, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

Alicia made my first Devacut experience nothing but wonderful. She was so thorough when it came to telling me every step and product used during the process. She was super sweet and was able to answer All my questions and just completly transformed my hair. I definitely will be visiting her again.

Fall in ❤️With your curls

by Yoli on JUNE 30, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

**had to re-do review because the first one only gave her three ⭐️ When it should have been 5 🌟 Growing up I loved my curls but I was told that big curly hair was not cute. I permed my hair a few times., used rollers and eventually learned to blow dry and flat iron my hair because straight was beautiful. I eventually tried Keratin and felt it was the best thing ever until my hair lost all its life and became very dry. So then my niece told me you need to see Alicia. The only words I can describe my experience with Alicia is “life changing”. My niece got her hair done and has been pushing me to embrace my natural curls. I decided that I would go to Alicia but was hesitant that my hair would be cut super short because I had a lot of damaged hair. Upon sitting in her chair I felt confident. Alicia helped me love my hair. She explained that my hair was beautiful and it needed just a bit of a makeover. She listened to my concerns about length which was so different for me because my usual hairdresser would have just chopped off my hair. She walked me through every step telling me exactly what she was doing and why. I loved this so much because she educated me on what to do at home. Usually hair stylists just do your hair and to replicate what they did you have to go back to them. With Alicia I felt that I could manage at home and I was very right. She also educated me on the right products for my hair and how to read ingredient labels to determine what is good and what is not. As a bonus she was able to trim my daughters hair. I was also scared of taking her to get her ends cut because I was expecting her hair to be chopped but Alicia did wonders in her hair cutting less than an inch. Immediately her curls became perfect ringlets. After our cut I went home and threw out all that was bad for my hair. A great start for my journey. I can honestly say that my hair looks and feels healthy in just one visit. I play with my curls all day. Curls that I haven’t seen since elementary. I also now know how to take care of my daughter’s hair so that she has healthy curls and continues to love and embrace her curls. Did I mention how much she loves her curly hair. Now she loves it even more. I have received so many compliments and friends want to know how I got my hair so curly and my answer is I didn’t make my hair curly it’s my natural hair infused with love and deva curl. My husband says he feels like he has a new wife and is happy I finally am accepting and embracing my natural hair. I have FINALLY embraced my natural hair and love my natural God given curls, which growing up I was taught that curls were ugly and straight hair was beautiful. I can’t wait to go back to Alicia for color and a trim. Alicia is knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I couldn’t thank her enough. PS: Price was reasonable beingnthat she cut both my daughter and my hair and we purchased some products from her too.

I wish I had known sooner

by Sherry Moore on JUNE 24, 2018
Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation
Price: $126-$175

I had cut off most of my hair before I found DevaCurl and Alicia 😕 Florida heat and humidity has never been nice to curly hair, I've always hated it! After using DevaCurl products for a couple month's and being happy with them, I was ready for the deva transformation 😀 As soon as I walked in, Alicia told me she knew exactly what to do with my hair. I left her knowing how to take care of my curls, what products to use for my curls type and how to use them! AND... My hair looked great 😍 Now I just have to let it grow out again. I will definitely be back to see her and recommend her and DevaCurl to everyone! Thank you again Alicia 💞

Curl saver

by Jessie Rios on MAY 31, 2018

I've been to other curls cuts! But never as good as this one. Alicia takes her time to educate you on your curls after the cut. She goes above and beyond. The shape she gave me is beautiful! I highly recommend her. Worth every penny. And by the way the devacut was not 350$ !!!


by Francheska on MAY 30, 2018

First of all, let me start off by saying that Alicia is awesome! If I could give more stars I totally would. Alicia is so knowledgeable in the curly girl world and she provided me with so much useful information on hair health. I was a little nervous walking in for my first deva cut but she really exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be returning for another visit. Thank you Alicia! :)

Horrible Experience

by Ciera Hanesworth on MAY 18, 2018

I would have left no stars if I could have. Do you want to be charged an arm and a leg for AVERAGE work? Go here. Alicia makes up prices in her head as she goes along. $350 for a devacut? Lol I’ve gotten one BETTER for $140. Good luck!

Amazed, Astounded, In Love

by Skylear Sanchez on MAY 11, 2018

What can I say? Alicia is the She is so knowledgeable and strives to educate. She listens to exactly what you want and offers many different options, as she understands that everyone's hair, lifestyle, and budget is different. She is very cautious when cutting and will leave you in tears of joy. I never knew the full potential of my hair until I went to see Alicia. Now I will sing her praises to anyone who will listen. It's day 2 and my hair is still getting compliments. Thank you so much!

Alicia is awesome and so is her work!

by Helen on APRIL 27, 2018

OMG I love me some Alicia! She is a walking expert on everything curly hair!!! She educated me on SO MANY things about how to care for my hair, but mostly i appreciated even the smallest tips on how to properly condition my hair. I got pintura highlights and the devacut and loved both!! I loved how she did a consultation before she started and broke down the process of gradually going to blonde from already color treated hair and telling me my options. I assumed you could just go to blonde in a day, but unless you have virgin hair, PLEASE do it gradually, you don't want to compromise the integrity of your hair just for some color. Im so glad I listened to her and am doing it the healthier way. Honestly shes not just a great hair stylist, shes got a great personality, very easy to talk to, and has a passion for what she does! Shes simply amazing!

She knows what she is doing

by Crista Valcour on MARCH 28, 2018

Alicia is an awesome stylist! She gave me my first DevaCut, but it didn’t stop there. She taught me so much about my own hair and how to take care of it. I’ve never felt my hair so soft as she told me how to properly put moisture in my hair and what products help to seal the moisture in. She cut all my dead ends off and even though I lost some length with my first cut I’m getting more compliments than ever before. My hair is easier to manage and feels super healthy. I’ll be back in 2-3 months for a check up!

Amazing coils

by Tamie Kendrick on MARCH 10, 2018

This girl can work some magic! She absolutely knows how to work with my 4C. I was skeptical that she could work with my textured curl. She is very Knowledgable in all Curl tipes as I can see. She worked wonders in mine! Highly recommend she gave me a beautiful cut.

True Curl Artistry

by Kerri Joseph on MARCH 10, 2018

I've seen Alicia twice now. Both times for a cut and style. I have naturally curly hair that has been severely damaged by bleach. I was terrified to go back to another salon. Alicia is professional, talented, friendly and above all ....she LISTENS. I didn't want to lose too much length even though my hair was damaged. She did a fantastic job and I feel like I have NEW hair. She gave me instructions on how to take care of my hair at home and I have definitely seen an improvement. First visit she gave me a Deva Curl cut and style...and I wore my hair naturally. The second visit, she gave me a blow dry and sent me home with bouncy, shiny straight hair. It is rare that I find a stylist that can work with curly hair of all textures the way Alicia can. Im so happy I found her and Im recommending her to EVERY curly head I know! See her, you won't be disappointed.

I’m obsessed

by Kerrie Marie on MARCH 10, 2018

I'm obsessed with my DevaCut! Alicia did an amazing job. She explained what she was doing step by step and educated me on every product. I've been rocking longgg, barrel curled hair for years but so happy to go short and embrace my natural curls!

Great experience

by Annette on FEBRUARY 08, 2018

I came to Alicia because I wasn't satisfied with my current stylist and I am so happy that I found her. I have seen her twice so far and wow what a difference already. I am getting my curl shape back along with my confidence. Alicia is very sweet, professional and knowledgeable. If you are wanting to get a great Deva cut and great service then she is the one!

First Devacut experience

by Diana on JANUARY 29, 2018

I want to start by saying that I’ve been growing out my hair for 4 years now and I was quite hesitant to get a Devacut. Well Alicia has changed my world! She was sweet, talented, and extremely knowledgeable. She exceeded all my expectations not just with how she made my hair look but also all the knowledge she shared with me. I came in very scared to loose length in my hair and after talking to her for about 10 minutes I just decided I would do whatever she thought was best because this lady knew what she was doing. I could not be happier. Alicia totally changed any preconceived notions I had. All the hair she cut I could literally see with my own eyes that it was dead hair, so bye Felicia! I was absolutely flabbergasted by how great my hair looked/looks. When I first saw her hair I said “will I ever be able to have curls like yours?” Well by god, she did it! She also showed me how to do my own hair, guess what? When I do my hair now it looks just like when she did it the day it my appointment. As a person who spent countless hours on YouTube watching curly hair tips and tricks and having all the products, I thought there was nothing she Could teach me. I WAS SO WRONG! No amount of videos will teach you what Alicia knows. I am pro-Alicia 100% Alicia me dejastes luciendo bien cabrona!!! I’m going to be faithful to you girl!! No one else is touching these locks ❤️ P.S. everyone loves my hair more than before

the curl whisperer

by Molly on JANUARY 28, 2018

I’ve had three cuts from Alicia now and my hair as never looked this good. I get so many compliments and for the first time feel like I can actually manage my hair. The curls look good every time I wash it’s no longer a guessing game of if Im going to have a good hair day because i’m finally in control! I had seen two deva level one certified stylists prior to meeting Alicia and while they were OK haircuts but my hair had a lot of frizz still and wouldn’t hold the curls as nearly as well. My hair and I love Alicia! Do yourself a favor and see Alicia you won’t regret it!

My second cut

by Stephanie Lima on JANUARY 28, 2018

For started Alícia is the sweetest! This is my second time coming to her and my curls absolutely love her! I ask 20 questions and she answers them all with ease, she knows what she’s doing! I’d recommend anyone who’s transition to try her out, you won’t regret it.

my curls feel great!!

by Ashley on JANUARY 28, 2018

This was the first time I had gotten a Devacut and experience like this and i loved it!! Alicia was very nice and gave me tons of tips to help me and talked me through the entire process. My hair feels amazing thanks to her!

Alícia is excellent!

by Amanda Koch on JANUARY 28, 2018

I have had curly hair my entire life. The last 3 years in undergrad and my first few months in grad school is where I struggled with maintaining my curly hair. I researched for a Devacurl hairstylist/specialist and found Alícia! She is amazing! She gave me excellent tips on how to style my curly hair, what products I should be using and how to use them, and talked me through the process as she was cutting and styling my hair. She is an excellent hairstylist and has a caring, kind personality. Even though I am a broke grad student it is WORTH every penny to have my hair styled and cut by Alicia!

Alicia is absolutely amazing!!!

by Rosana on DECEMBER 29, 2017

I struggled with my daughter's curly hair for many years. I used all kinds of products which promised so much but never delivered anything at all. Until I met Alicia. She is so patient, caring, and kind! She gave my daughter the most amazing haircut, and taught me step by step how to use the Devacurl products to bring my daughter's hair back to life. With the new devacut and the products my daughter's hair looks unbelievable! So beautiful, soft, and manageable, and it's now so easy to take care of. I'm very impressed with Alicia's level of professionalism, expertise and knowledge. My Devacurl experience was worth every penny! I have also used the products on my own hair and have received many compliments:) I'm super satisfied!

excellent!!! miracle worker....

by Brenda on DECEMBER 12, 2017

I come from a Dominican family so i have no recollection of my hair ever being curly (mine was permed early on). Now i started transitioning a year ago and had no idea how would my hair tuen out to be or how to care for it... I went there looking for help and i got it big time. I had to wait three weeks for my deva cut but was looking forward to it. The cut was amazing...but the most important thing is that she took the time to teach me how to care for my delightful new curls which i would have never guessed were there... She explained in detail and demonstrated everything. I felt relaxed and conoletely satisified...the most important is that now i know how to take care of my hair and the look she gave me Im able to reproduce it everyday after that It has been liberating to know and love my curls!!! i recommend Alicia hands down

Alicia IS the Devacurl QUEEN

by Linda Scull on DECEMBER 08, 2017

I actually cried when I looked in the mirror ... what else can I say? Tears of joy and relief that I finally found a hair stylist who not only embraced curly hair but actually had the expertise to specifically/uniquely inspire my curls--wake them up--bringing life to my hair crazy sounding? No. If you have hair that no one seems to understand or if your stylist tells you that you have beautiful hair but you leave EVERY hair appointment feeling disappointed..RUN TO Alicia!!! Alicia +Devacurl=FINALLY LOVE MY HAIR!! THANKS Alicia!

Devacut Transformation

by Alanna DeVaughn on OCTOBER 27, 2017

I had an incredible experience with Alicia. She is so talented and extremely knowledgeable. It is obvious that she is passionate about her artistry. I am excited to see the changes my hair will go through now that I have the right information. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone. Love my new hair!

Always Amazing

by Maria on OCTOBER 27, 2017

I'm hooked... I love getting my hair cut by Alicia. You can definitely tell that she loves what she does. I always leave learning something new about my curls and how to take care of them.

Curl Artist

by Scarlett Angelina on OCTOBER 23, 2017

This was my 3rd devacut ,the best! Alicia id true curl artist! Highly recommend dont settle for less! The best cut

Amazing!hust what my hair needed!

by Caroline on AUGUST 23, 2017

Went to Alicia for my first Devacut about two weeks ago and loved it! I was super super nervous about getting the devacut..she took the time to explain the products and how to take care of my hair hair has never been so soft and moisturized as it is now after leaving the salon..I'm definitely returning for a second cut..she also sells devacurl products so you can just purchase them on your way out..a little pricey but so worth it ! I left feeling like a new woman and relaxed too! Lol thanks Alicia !

My First Devacut!

by Rocky on AUGUST 22, 2017

So this was my first Devacut and I was really nervous. Before starting Alicia took the time to hear what I envisioned but also asked specific questions that I may not have thought of. She took the time to educate me on my hair, something I will never forget! Not to mention, the haircut was bomb!!! Thank you so much Alicia. I can't wait to see you again for my 2nd cut.

My curls came out from hiding

by Vanessa on AUGUST 21, 2017

I hadn't been to the salon in 2 years and even that was only to trim my ends. I've only had one stylist my entire life and when I moved I couldn't find someone who I was comfortable with to touch my hair. I found Alicia online when I was searching for a stylist because my hair really needed help. It was starting to do this funky pyramid shape where some curls would show and others were just flat. What made me visit Alicia was her reviews but what will make me stay a customer is her. She is undeniably knowledgeable about all curly hair types and what I love the best is she's straight up honest with you as a client. She takes her time to make sure you walk out of her salon feeling beautiful and confident. I love my curls even more than before. Alicia really saved me from walking around looking like horse hair.... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I love with my Curls

by Kathy on JULY 02, 2017

I went to Alicia over the weekend to get an actual Devacut (I previously went to a different hairstylist who claimed she knew how to do the Devacut, and did not cut my hair at all). Alicia was what I needed! I have almost a year transitioning and I was having problems with my hair (lots of frizz and not enough moisture), when I went to Alicia I brought all the products I was currently using. Two of the products Alicia showed me had silicone on them, boom that's where the problem was. Alicia took time to educate me about products free of silicone, how to keep the moisture lock in my hair and how to care for it. My favorite part of this experience my the Devacut she gave me. I finally saw al these months of religiously caring for my hair paid off. My curls were so bouncy and gorgeous, I was finally able to say I love my curls. I would definitely recommend her to everyone, but especiero those who are transitioning and need a guide. I will keep seeing her even though I love in Tampa, she was the only stylist who replied to my appointment request (very quickly as well) and it was really meant to be. Thank you so much Alicia!

Finally in love with my curls

by Natalya on JUNE 28, 2017

Alicia is amazing. Came to her with multiple issues from a previous hairdresser and she fixed them all in just one visit. Also get compliments on my hair daily. It is fuller and healthier than it has been in years. I have always fought with my curly hair, but now absolutely love it!

Love It!!!

by Anna H. on JUNE 27, 2017

I went to Alicia for a devacut and to get educated on how to enhance my waves! She exceeded my expectations! She not only gave me an amazing cut & styled my hair, she educated me on how to utilize the products and why the techniques are important. Love, Love my new hair & waves!! :)

Great Haircut

by Nicole on JUNE 14, 2017

Alicia is amazing! I've gotten my hair cut by her twice and she never fails me! She really takes time to educate you on curly hair & the products.


by Rachel Benitez on JUNE 10, 2017

If I could give Alicia 100 stars I would! She has brought my hair back to life after my beautiful curls were destroyed by someone I thought knew what they were doing :( she is knowledgeable, skilled and hilarious! I drive an hour every 2 months to get my hair done with her. She is a curly hair wizard and I'm so lucky to have found her! She has given my curls life again! If you are looking for a deva curl stylist she is #1 and worth every penny!

pricey but good

by Wendy on MAY 30, 2017

Drove 2 hours to see Alicia. Been getting Deva cuts for years. I know that a 1 wasn't what I needed. So drive 2 hours and she did great. Very happy. 2nd visit price however doubled to over $300. I was shocked. Please confirm price prior as there are no signs posted and over doubling the fee is not in anyone's thought process. And no credit cards, PayPal I'd her preferred method after cash.


by Kristie on MAY 11, 2017

I'm beyond happy w/ Alicia! I can't imagine going to anyone else to take care of my curly hair. December 2016 was my first devacut and I'm so glad I found Alicia cause I can't imagine ever getting a regular haircut again. June can't come fast enough for my second devacut❤️. Highly recommend Alicia to everyone!

Great at cutting curls

by Janaire on MAY 09, 2017

I think she's awesome at cutting curly hair. I've been going to her for almost 3 years now.

Very professional, great vibe!!!

by Josefina on MAY 09, 2017

If you have natural or transitioning hair and you don't know anything about taking care of it, you really need to schedule an appointment with Alicia


by Kristie on MAY 08, 2017

I'm beyond happy w/ Alicia! I couldn't imagine going to anyone else to take care of my curly hair. December 2016 was my first devacut and I'm so glad I found Alicia, I couldn't imagine ever getting a regular haircut again. June couldn't come fast enough for my second devacut❤️ Highly recommend Alicia to everyone!


by Luz on MAY 08, 2017

I was referred to Alicia after sharing I wanted to revive my curls and be an example to my daughter about self love! I am so glad I went to Alicia...her knowledge, the detail, the care...she was amazing! During my session not only was I able to learn about my hair, but my daughter's. It has been the best hair cut experience I've ever had. You will not be disappointed with her service or her!

Transformation Complete

by Gina on MAY 04, 2017

I have to say I am so thoroughly happy with how Alicia did my hair. I got a Deva Cut/ transformation I have been going to the same person frying and dying my hair for too long and needed something different and Alicia was the perfect choice. She took her time with me and kept my cutting anxiety low! I was coached about my curls and we discussed products across the board. I would recommend everyone go to her!

The best

by Marlene R on APRIL 25, 2017

Alicia has Magic hands, I went to her for my 1st and now my 2nd devacut and I'm ecstatic. My hair has never looked this good, she listened to what I wanted & made it happen. She's also taught me how to use the products to get the results I want. I love seeing Alicia, shes got a long time follower & customer in me.

Best cut ever!!

by Melanie Acevedo on APRIL 19, 2017

Alicia is an amazing stylist! 100% recommend. She was professional and knowledgeable. I've never met a hairstylist who genuinely cared to teach me how to take care of my hair until I met Alicia. She listened to my requests and answered all my questions. She took me step-by-step through the process, the end result was beautifully cut hair! My hair has never looked so good!! She inspired me to start taking better care of my curls. This was my 2nd devacut (1st with Alicia) and I'll never go to anyone else. So happy to have found a stylist in Brandon who loves curly hair. Alicia knows curly hair!

Best cut EVER!!!

by Kathy Colon on MARCH 30, 2017

I have always struggled with my super curly hair. Love my curls but hate the frizz. The frizz has been eliminated with Alicia's help. Alicia is awesome!! Not only do you get a fantastic haircut and style, you get an education as well. Alicia takes the time to explain about curly hair and what it needs to look its best. Thank you Alicia for a spectacular hairstyle and bringing my curls back to life!

Best cut and hilites!

by Scarlett Feliu on FEBRUARY 28, 2017

I have been to many stylist trying to find the one that wont fry my hair and can cut curls. This girl is Amazing!!! She did and amazing job withth my hilites and color! Gave me exactly what I asked for and them some! I absolutely love her work. By the way tbe best haircut I ever had! She has client for life!!❤ She absolutely knows her craft! Thank Alicia was everything I hoped for

10 STARS!!!!!

by Yankely on FEBRUARY 28, 2017

What more can I possibly say that hasn't already been said in the previous reviews?!?! Alicia has hands touched by a curl angel! I have been to her twice for Devacuts and both times she has WOWed me beyond belief. She is super educated when it comes to hair and curls and you always leave out of there with so much knowledge and knowing exactly what to do to maintain and upkeep your curl journey. Most recent appt was on Feb 23rd where she did a rounded Devacut and pintura highlights. I walked in with a picture of what I wanted and she knew right away what to do to accomplish that for me! And one of the best things is she talks you through every single step she's doing so that you know exactly what's going on and why. I'm honestly not sure how anyone could say that she's not good with color and that they were unsatisfied that she didn't put the color all the way to the roots when her goal and aim is to protect our natural hair as much as humanly possible. I, along with the several friends I've sent to her, was extremely happy with my results and even more happy with the volume she gave me with this cut that I never thought I could have. She is hands down the very best in the Tampa Bay area and I would recommend her over and over and over again!

Hands down the best stylist in tampa!

by Jackie Stiff @mycurlychronicles on FEBRUARY 28, 2017

I have gone to Alicia twice and every person I have recommended has loved her as much as I did! I wanted BIG HAIR and she surpassed all my expectations and gave me the most amazing hair cut experience. Since my first cut, she was SO sweet, took her time, studied my hair, talked to me about my current hair routine and gave me valuable tips I won't forget!! My curls have flourished since she became my stylist! If you're looking for a Deva stylist in Florida, she is IT! She has a permanent customer in me!

Highly recommend

by Tamara on FEBRUARY 26, 2017

Alicia knows her stuff! This was my third time trying a deva cut and I finally left a stylist pleased with the results. She took her time explaining my hair type and what my specific needs were to help revive my curls. Her passion for her work can be seen from the minute you walk in to her salon until the minute you leave. I am so happy I finally found a stylist that understands the uniqueness of us curly girls. I look forward to my curly hair journey with her!


by Brianna Thompson on FEBRUARY 17, 2017

I went to Alicia on the 23rd in December of 2016. I was so excited to be receiving a devacut and pintura highlights from such a highly requested stylist. Alicia did not leave me disappointed. She took her time, she was concerned, she was very passionate about my hair. I wasn't quite sure of how I wanted my devacut to be, the color of my highlights or pretty much anything but she made it such an easy and personable experience. I loved my hair afterwards and I'm STILL obsessing over it. Alicia is patient, will get to know your hair on a personal level and will definitely get the job done. Months later and I'm still impressed. Thank you Alicia!

Not Impressed

by Jackie on FEBRUARY 15, 2017

I was really looking forward to having my hair done by Alicia after reading all of the 5 star reviews, especially in the Tampa area. She knows how to cut curly hair and is knowledgeable about Deva products. Unfortunately, her talents don't extend to coloring. I was pretty disappointed with my color, especially with it not being all the way to my roots like I had asked. With the exception of the bottom layer being cut, my hair wasn't that different from my stylist in Orlando cutting it (and she isn't a Deva Curl Specialist). You can go to Alicia for Deva cuts, but find someone else to color your hair. I'll be going back to my stylist in Orlando.

Extraordinary Hairdresser!!!

by Ana on FEBRUARY 04, 2017

I am beyond happy!!! I have never been so in love with my curls until I met Alicia. I finally found someone that understood my hair! I thought there was no hope for my hair. I have used so many styling products, conditioners, treatments but the frizzy hair was always present and there was no healthy looking curl definition. Alicia is so knowledgeable about curly hair and is willing to help you maintain them that I can't thank her enough. I had my first devacut with Alicia and the way my curls look after I used the devacurl products for the first time is unbelievable. I drove quite a distance to meet Alicia but do not regret it. She delivered excellent and professional service. Alicia even took the time to follow up with me via phone a couple of times after our first encounter. If you have curly and frizzy hair don't wait any longer, go see Alicia!! She will transform your hair and help you fall in love with it too. She is an extraordinary person, a hard worker and amazing hairdresser!!! ❤️❤️

I'm so happy!!

by Laura on JANUARY 31, 2017

It was my first time with Alicia and I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. But WOW! Alicia did such an amazing job on my hair! It was a positive experience!! I live in Ocala and I will be traveling to only have Alicia do my hair!! She is worth the trip!


by Isabella on JANUARY 31, 2017

I actually found Alicia for my daughter who has massively curly, thick hair and I asked if she had time to do my hair, and so calmly, she took care of my daughter and I so professionally. I had the BEST haircut ever and will be going to her regularly!! Thank you Alicia.

Excellent cut and styler

by Candace Stiklorius on JANUARY 22, 2017

Alicia really knows how to cut and style curly hair of all types. She is also a patient teacher since there are a few steps to using the products for maximum benefit. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to enjoy their curls.

Thank God for Instagram!!!

by Leigh-Anne on DECEMBER 28, 2016

It had been YEARS since I had a decent hair cut. I was completely traumatized by a bad haircut I'd gotten, but I knew I needed a cut really bad and I wanted to wear my hair down more so I went on Instagram and searched the tags DevaCut in Tampa and found Alicia. I immediately followed her and researched her work and knew she'd be right for the task that is my hair LOL. I sat down in her chair and knew I was in good hands. We talked about porosity and what products I should stay away from while she worked her magic. I hate having my hair cut but Alicia made this process painless. She explained the products she was using and why she was doing what she was doing. I love my cut and will definitely go back and recommend her to anyone with curly hair!!! Thanks Alicia!!!

Wonderful Experience

by Nathalie Mota on DECEMBER 27, 2016

Received my first Deva Cut with Alicia & it was the best decision I've ever made. She showed me how to take care of my hair and what not to do to it. She took time with my hair & shaped then to my liking. I never knew my curls could look soooo good. I'm so happy, I highly recommend (:

Embracing my Hair!

by Joelle Dorsett on DECEMBER 08, 2016

I love the way Alicia took care of my hair! She knew exactly what it needed and communicated these needs with me very clearly. In the time spent sitting in the salon chair, I learned so much about my hair type. I had never cut my hair as short as I chose to do with Alicia but I am so glad I did. My curls are much more defined and healthy looking and I've already noticed that within a week I've been losing much less hair. I look forward to continuing my hair journey and I think that going to Alicia was a turning point in that journey. Definitely would recommend!

Super patient

by Delia on DECEMBER 07, 2016

It was my first ever deva cut & the fact that Alicia took the time to really talk about my hair & how the products were not good for my hair. & how I can change that, also answering all the questions that I had. I'm very happy I went to her & will definitely be going back again!


by Marlene Rosario on DECEMBER 07, 2016

I was referred to Alicia for my very 1st devacut and I left with so much more than a haircut! Alicia took the time to listen and educated me on how to care for my hair and use the products, even checked in on me afterwards & my answer was " I ❤️ My curls now!" I HIGHLY recommend everyone that can pay her a visit, you won't leave disappointed.

In love

by Delia on NOVEMBER 19, 2016

It was my first time ever getting a devacut. & Alicia told me everything while she was doing it & explained why she was doing it. I also loved that she answered all the questions that I had about products & regiments. I am in love with the results & cant wait to go back!


by Marlene on NOVEMBER 17, 2016

I'm in love with my hair thanks to Alicia! She took the time educate me on the products I have been misusing & listened to what I wanted my hair to look like, the outcome is so much better than I thought possible.

She saved my curlz!!!

by LaToya on OCTOBER 27, 2016

I went to Alicia because I had my 3c/4a curls bleached in order to get a fantasy color. The previous stylist used a 40 to obtain the color and once she was done, I knew it was over. My hair was lifeless, limp, and frizzy. I spoke with Alicia and decided I needed to get a Deva Cut. Let me say this, she had me in tears when she was done. My curls came back full force and she educated me on how to properly care for curls that had been color. Thank you Alicia you are the best!!!!

Great skill

by Diana on OCTOBER 19, 2016

Alicia is amazing not only she cut my hair and transformed it from wavy to curly but she explained to me so much about my hair and how to take care of it even put up with me when I didn't know what I want lol I'm so happy I discovered her and always can't wait to go back! Thank you for everything!


by Gladys on OCTOBER 14, 2016

Very informative and extremely friendly, knows how to treat all types of curly hair

Excellent technique and friendly

by Erica on OCTOBER 12, 2016

Alicia was very skilled in giving me a Deva cut after a straight cut with texturizing made my hair frizzier than ever. Alicia took the time to listen to my concerns and preferences and gave me an awesome bob. Would definitely go back.


by Samantha H on OCTOBER 12, 2016

Okay so, I hated my hair for years until someone told me about Alicia so I thought... why not give it a try... once I arrived at her salon, I was immediately greeted by her. I knew right away that she was people person by her bubbly personality. Through out the whole appointment, she showed me step by step how to treat my hair properly. She had a lot of patience with me especially with all the questions I had for her lol. She really knows the stuff and my hair looked amazing.. I mean AMAZING! I love her. I will return to her again and again. :) you will not be disappointed!! Curls ROCK!

My best curls!

by Taisha on AUGUST 26, 2016

I have never seen my curls this healthy! My curls were dehydrated and oily

Best DevaCurl Stylist Ever!

by Alexandria @Beautylifebyred on AUGUST 26, 2016

This is the best salon experience I have ever had. Alicia is truly so awsome! She knows what she's doing, she knows the perfect product combo for your hair, I personally am a Devacurl product hoarder lol so I got to try a few products that I havn't tried before like the "set up and above" and the "frizz free volumizing foam" which I will definitely be purchasing. She took her time with my curls, I was going for a drastic cut to shape my curls and it just truly was a great outcome so great that I got called to be a hair model! So girls if your in the central florida area definitely give Alicia a try! Her personality was just so great it made me feel very comfortable just like I was chit chatting with a curly best friend! =) She will definitely be the only one touching MY CURLS!


by Stephanie on AUGUST 23, 2016

Alica has literally transformed my curls! She is definitely the right person you can trust with your hair. Very professional and answered all my questions and concerns! Absolutely amazing, I officially found someone I can trust to do take care and nurture my curls❤

Amazing Artist!

by Lisa on AUGUST 20, 2016

Alicia is awesome! She always delivers a great service, especially when she gave me the deva curls!! The curls were perfect (of course she is a perfectionist) and the Products are easy to use!! She is friendly and easy to talk to, I look forward to my hair visits!!! ;)

Loving my curls again

by Karen on AUGUST 11, 2016

If you have hard to handle frizzy curls, Alicia is your stylist. The best thing about Alicia is that she listens and educates. She will teach you how to handle your hair yourself. She is the curly hair expert!!!


by Gigi on AUGUST 06, 2016

So now it was my turn to get my hair done by Alicia and she did not disappoint. I love how my hair came out. My curls never looked this moisturized. Alicia has a wealth of knowledge and she is not afraid to share it. I definitely will be back. ❤️❤️❤️

The Best Salon Experience!

by Sabrina on AUGUST 05, 2016

This is the best salon experience I have ever had. Alicia was very kind, professional, knowledgable, and patient. I really appreciated the one on one time before she began cutting my hair. During that time, Alicia asked me about my struggles with curly hair. We also discussed products that I am currently using in my hair as well as what I wanted done on my hair. I enjoyed watching my hair take shape and transform as she was cutting it. At the end, Alicia provided me with a sample of the coconut supercream by Deva Curl to refresh my hair the next day, and it gave me beautiful second day results. Overall, the experience was amazing! I look forward to seeing Alicia again in the future for my next Deva cut and I highly reccommend her.

Amazing Stylist

by Gigi on JULY 31, 2016

I took my daughter to Alicia yesterday, after finding her on this site. She Is 10 minutes away from my home, so I was excited about. My daughter loves to be able to wear her hair curly, but truth be told, neither her nor I know how to care or style it, so I end up taking her to get her hair blow dried and flat ironed which drys out her hair even more, plus my daughter is not a fan of straight hair. Alicia from the moment we sat down was so informative, patient and careful with my daughter's hair. She moisturized and deep conditioned her hair first, gave me some great recipes for her hair type. She took her time with her and went above and beyond what I expected. My daughter was so happy with her cut, style everything. I will definitely bring my daughter back to her. Alicia did not disappoint and I will be recommending her to anyone who wants a great stylist.


by Asia K. on JULY 31, 2016

This lady is amazing one because I could just talk to her about different hair care routines and and product for days! But she did an amazing job with my very first deva cut. I didn't know what to expect because I never had it done before but I expected great results and that is what I was given. Thank you ALICIA! she also made herself available to be contacted anytime, how many hairstylist you know will do that for you?

Superior Service Superior Quality

by Michelle on JULY 14, 2016

When you first go in to have your hair done by Alicia, you get more than a styling professional, you are getting a professional that will wear many 'hats' from consulting on which is the suggested treatment (s), to the styling and care of your hair post service. Alicia's skills are only matched by her professionalism and expertise. My hair will be touched by no one else after experiencing the care and service she provided! You definitely walk in a customer and you walk out as an educated and up-to-date client and guest. She makes you feel welcomed and will take time to assess the plan of care that best suits you. Alicia is a true professional that not only knows her trade but lives her products as well (you can tell by how beautiful her hair is!). I am truly grateful that I found her and to call her my hair professional! Check her out!


by Elisa Gomez on JULY 08, 2016

I have curly spirals and very thin fine hair. I have never known what to do with it and so I always had it blown straight. I decided to go natural and embrace the curls. I have worked in the salon industry close to 20 years and NEVER have I had someone explain to me about MY type of hair SO thoroughly as Alicia did. You will not only leave looking fabulous, but feeling fabulous. Talking with Alicia was like having coffee with an old friend. The minute I walked into the house my husband and son said "wow!!!" And even CLAPPED!

Simply the Best

by Laura Bilotta on JULY 08, 2016

I would never go to anyone else. I have naturally curly hair, and I have had some horrid haircuts, because the stylist just didnt understand natural curls. I am confident with Alicia. She is consistent, knows my hair, and is simply the best. I recommend her to everyone.

Best haircut ever!!!!

by Elaine Leder on JULY 07, 2016

I can officially say that after going to Alicia for a haircut, I am finally comfortable wearing my hair curly for the first time. I grew up with naturally curly hair, but spent the past 10+ years beating it into submission with a flatiron every day! I just never could get it to cooperate, and assumed I was stuck with bad hair. Alicia really listened to what I wanted, and took her time to make it look just right! I get compliments on my hair all the time now, and I couldn't be happier!

The best around!

by Michelle on JULY 06, 2016

Great haircut, amazing personalized color, and awesome service. Alicia is the best around! She took the time to work with me to make sure the haircut was right and she did the best hair color I have ever had. I get compliments literally every single day on my hair. She is the best!!

Best Deva Cut stylist

by Shamia on JULY 06, 2016

I just wanted say this is my 3rd time getting a Deva cut. I moved to Tampa from New York city. By far the best haircut!! I'm so grateful to Alicia for GREAT haircut! I highly recommend her expertise!!!

Got my curl back!

by Graciela on JUNE 21, 2016

Love Alicia! She did an amazing job cutting my hair and teaching me how to apply devacurl. Never thought my hair would this curly again!

love the curls

by dorothy on APRIL 21, 2016

great deva curl cut,color and enjoying the products,,,,,,,

Amazing Stylist!

by Siobhan on APRIL 08, 2016

My hair looks Amazing. Alicia did amazing job on my hair. I didn't thinking it would turn out just the way I pictured it. Alicia's is very knowledgeable. You must go see her if your looking into getting the Devacurl.


by Tita De Jesus on APRIL 05, 2016

Amazing work! This was my firt Deva curl haircut! Alicia gave me exactly what I asked her ,she was very personable and knowledgeable!I will be client for life! I highly recommend this salon!

Amazing Stylist!

by Teresa R. on JANUARY 06, 2016

I went thinking she will have to cut most of my permed hair so my natural hair will start growing. I came out with a lot of my hair, voluminous and super curly! She made me love my natural curls. I haven't put my hair in pony tail since. She gave me great advice on how to take care my new natural curly hair. I recommend her to anyone. And definitely will be coming back! Thank you so much!

Knowledgable, Professional, Fantastic

by Kristen on DECEMBER 12, 2015

I went to Alicia after another "professional" didn't show up for my appointment with her. Alicia, made my appointment to fit my schedule, took time to learn about my hair, how I wear it and the color I was looking for. The time she took was appreciated and I would not go to anyone else.

Personalized, professional, and perfect

by Michelle on DECEMBER 06, 2015

I found Alicia through this site and I'm so grateful that I chose her. I'm 37 years old and I've never been excited about my curls before. Since getting this cut and using Deva Curl, I actually enjoy doing my hair. Alicia took the time to get to know me and the amount of patience I have (or don't have) for a daily hair routine and tailored the approach to my hair accordingly. I highly recommend Alicia and know that she is far and above the best stylist for me and my crazy curls. Thank you, Alicia!

Great service and professional work!

by Marisara on NOVEMBER 29, 2015

Alicia gave me great hair advice and my curls never looked that good


by Liz on OCTOBER 07, 2015

Never had curls like this before, Devacurls and Alicia are a perfect combination!!! I absolutely love my curls, people stop to tell me what nice curls I have! Alicia is a wonderful stylist and a very nice person!!!

Love my curly hair!!

by Tamara on OCTOBER 05, 2015

I usually don't write reviews but felt Alicia definitely earned one. I can be picky but she has done an outstanding job! Key things she listens, educates, gave me a great hair cut :) and Compare to other Deva or Quidad stylist at a very affordable price! You can tell it's a passion and that's what makes her a good stylist.

Love it!!

by Sunny on OCTOBER 03, 2015

I am so pleased with my Deva cut. Alicia really knows what she is doing. My curly hair never looked better!

Exactly what I wanted

by Jenny G on AUGUST 15, 2015

I'm a tightly curled natural haired woman with 3c/4a curls. Alicia made me feel great about having her cut my hair especially since it would be my first deva cut. I brought suggestions of colors for highlights and we decided on a nice brown rather than the blond I originally wanted. I love the cut and color and I would definitely be back for more services. Thanks for ever Alicia!


by Kiana on AUGUST 15, 2015

I LOVED my experience with Alicia! she did my first deva cut and it was awesome. She took her time, listened and did exactly what I wanted. My hair since that day has looked and felt healthier.

Great service!!!

by Jenny G. on AUGUST 10, 2015

I wanted to get highlights, layers and a Deva cut for the very first time on my kinky curly natural hair. Alicia walked me through each step of the way. I love my color and cut and will definitely be back for more services. Thank you so much!


by Kiana on AUGUST 09, 2015

I loved my experience with Alicia! She really knew what she was doing with my curls. She made sure she did precisely what I asked for and it came out amazing, my curls looked and felt so good!


by Deanna on AUGUST 08, 2015

Alicia did a fantastic job on my hair! I have finally gotten to the point in my life where I am no longer fighting my curls and Alicia made me love them!!


by jocelyn on JUNE 06, 2015

I love going to Alicia ! She never disappoints , always on point and have my curls lookin great . Alicia takes her time and really delivers what the customer wants

Best haircut

by Francis on JUNE 05, 2015

This is the best haircut I've gotten in a while. She took her time asked my needs and concerns and gave me what I wanted. Im very satisfied!


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