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Laura Supnik

IG: @LauraSupnik

Brooklyn, NY

Laura Supnik is a freelance illustrator living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her appreciation for art began when, at a young age, she enrolled in classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and later at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. She received a BA in Fashion Business Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is now creating illustrations full-time with a focus on fashion and lifestyle brands.


Spotlight on Laura


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Laura Supnik and I'm a freelance illustrator currently based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I wanted to pursue the arts ever since I was little. I took art classes from a young age up until senior year of high school. Then during college, I actually studied fashion business at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. I did illustration on the side for four years until I felt like I was strong enough to do it full-time and I've been doing it ever since.


What is the primary medium for your art?

My primary medium is digital illustration. I typically use my iPad Pro and I use the apps Procreate, as well as Adobe Fresco.


What’s your favorite part about being an artist?

My favorite part about being an artist is being able to express myself in fun ways.


Describe your experience as a female artist in a male-dominated industry.

My experience is actually better in 2020. I feel as though there are a lot of female illustrators on the internet and in New York specifically that I'm able to connect with. I feel like it's a very positive community.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from living in the city. I love New York so much, and I walk around all the time and just keep a sketchbook with me. It's people watching, it's looking at the buildings, sometimes it's my apartment, just like everyday life.


Do you have any favorite artists or role models?

Some of my favorite artists are Leah Goren and Julia Rothman, who either live in Brooklyn or did live in Brooklyn at one time. I really admire them just because they were both able to make it in the city in something that I've always wanted to do.


Tell us about your hair journey.

My hair journey is very interesting. I've always had super curly hair. When I was little, I didn't like it that much because nobody else had curly hair. I would always straighten it through high school. Then toward the end of high school, I found out some ways that I could style it, that I was happy with. It was actually discovering DevaCurl, which is great. Since then I have rarely straightened my hair.


What does the theme “Time to Shine” mean to you?

Well, it's definitely about using your own skills and traits that make you, you and using those to find yourself compared to others.



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