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Time To Shine

We partnered with six amazing female artists and asked them to share their talents with our community. Read on to meet the artists and follow us on Instagram @Devacurl to see more of their work.

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Brooklyn, NY

Autumn Newcomb

Autumn Newcomb is a funkadelic, multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is known for her use of color, humor, and optimism to fight the power and promote self-love through a variety of mediums including video, soft-sculpture, illustration and glass.

Meet Autumn
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Detroit, MI

Brienne Yvonne

Brienne Yvonne is a visual artist from Detroit, MI and is currently living in New York City. Her art is inspired by her pride of being a Black female artist, and she hopes to inspire others to celebrate what makes them unique and step into their own power.

Meet Brienne
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San Francisco, CA

Emanuella Israel

Emanuella Israel, a Chicago native currently based in San Francisco, is the creator of Souls for Eccentricity. Body positive and unapologetic, Souls for Eccentricity is a brand that is about inclusion and representation—with a touch of magic.

Meet Emanuella
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Brooklyn, NY

Erika Reichert

Erika is a native New Yorker and illustrator/animator with a particular interest in character design and world building. She studied and is fascinated by feminist film theory in horror movies particularly, loves to analyze the feminist aspects of film and media, and just genuinely loves a good movie.

Meet Erika
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Brooklyn, NY

Laura Supnik

Laura is a freelance illustrator living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her appreciation for art began at a very young age. She received a BA in Fashion Business Management and is now creating illustrations full-time with a focus on fashion and lifestyle brands.

Meet Laura
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Washington, DC

Tenbeete Solomon

Tenbeete Solomon, is a visual artist, illustrator, and animator based in Washington, DC. She is known for her use of bold colors and gestures to convey both the humor and struggles of everyday life. Her work is socially conscious and frequently inspired by activism and community issues.

Meet Tenbeete