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Deva Inspired Stylist

3 Reviews

Certification Level

Level 1 InspiredDeva Inspired Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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40 Volume Salon


3307 Waters Ave , Savannah, GA, US 31404

devacurl services


This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super curly. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in its natural state. This service includes a transformation service.

Pintura Highlighting

This award-winning technique was designed to add gorgeous, light-reflecting highlights to all natural textures. Pintura Highlighting offers the perfect harmony and balance to waves and curls giving brilliance and dimension to beautifully compliment your DevaCut.

DevaCurl Transformation

From wavy to super curly, the beauty of this service is the customized design for every client. This luxurious process begins with a healthy botanical cleanse and condition, followed by a styling and coaching session for at-home curl care.


3 Reviews

Krystle is a true Curly Girl!

Nancy|October 4, 2019

Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation, DevaCut

Price: $126-$175

Krystle is an artist and sculpture and curly hair is her clay. If you have curls in the South, give yourself the gift of a haircut by Krystle

Krystle is AMAZING!!!

Delaia|July 23, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut, DevaCurl Transformation

Price: $76-$125

Woah!!!! Even before showing up to my appointment, Krystle was very clear and very reassuring about this process. When I got there she ASKED PERMISSION on how much to cut and gave me all the information needed on how to keep my hair healthy and the best steps to take in order to do that. I am completely in love with the way my devacut/transformation came out and I am so thankful for this experience and being able to find a stylist this wonderful!! Thank you so much!!!💓

FINALLLY a great DevaCut!

kate ˙Heberle|May 12, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut, Pintura Highlighting

Price: $126-$175

I live in an area of the SE US where there are no DevaCut stylists. The closest was in Jacksonville and that's where I had my first DevaCut and decided I liked my curly hair. Then I went to NYC for a visit and treated myself to a DevaCut in a Deva salon---what a disappointment! My hair has been awful since, even the Deva person I drove 1.5 hours to, couldn't help me like my curly hair again. Then I found out Krystal, a Deva stylist in Savannah, GA which is only 1.5 hours from me, and where we visit often. Krystal made me not only like but LOVE my curly hair again! She spent quite a bit of time with me on my first visit, and understanding that I want to grow my hair long, she trimmed what needed to be trimmed and shaped, and suddenly my hair curled beautifully again!!!! People who used to comment on my beautiful curly hair when I first stopped straightening it and had my first DevaCut, once again started commenting on my curls and asked what I did differently. The only thing I did differently was to find a superb new Deva stylist!!! I have gone back to Krystal since for both trims and for my first Deva coloring and again left with great curls. My colored curls have never looked so natural and alive! Anyone looking to love their curls, should see Krysta at 40 Volume Salon. Thank you Krystal for helping me love my curly hair again!

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