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2133 W Spruce Creek Ln, South Jordan, UT, US 84095

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Level 1 InspiredDeva Inspired Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super curly. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in its natural state. This service includes a transformation service.

DevaCurl Transformation

From wavy to super curly, the beauty of this service is the customized design for every client. This luxurious process begins with a healthy botanical cleanse and condition, followed by a styling and coaching session for at-home curl care.

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kathryn eastley
2 Reviews

Level 1 Inspired
Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques


DevaCurl Transformation


5 Reviews

🤦🏼‍♀️ Never Again

Sela|October 19, 2018

Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation

This lady is sweat, but you have to walk through a scary messy garage and then her loving room to get to the chair where all the hair magic is supposed to happen... Last time I recal, businesses from home had to have their own separate entrances. It wasn’t too great to stare at her dirty dishes while she applied product to my hair. Normally I don’t mind unprofessionalism as long as I’m gettin everything I wanted but .. salons are a spa-like experience and this one was far from. I sat on a rickety chair on stilts while she rinsed my hair in her kitchen/could be a laundry room but she decided to go with a salon sink instead.. She only listened to like the first 3 words I said about my hair routine and then cut me off. She cuts off a lot but she also mumbles so idk 😐🤦🏼‍♀️. I tried to be clear about what I wanted and to give her the benefit of the doubt. I told her sea salt spray dries out my curls, super curl cream is too heavy for my curls, and that I don’t use heat on my hair unless I’m deep conditioning... all of which she did do all of those things right after I said it.. *benefit of the doubt, I thought* My hair got caught on more than one occasion. I was too tall for the hair dryer she had so I had to slouch. The whole place smelt of cats and the most upsetting thing about all of this was that she didn’t tell me ANYTHING I didn’t already know about my hair to try and help me style it. I went home with wet hair and it dried straighter than I though possible. I knew my hair better than she but I still don’t know how to style it curly 😢. She didn’t use water for the dry cut but she did wet my hair with a HUGE amount of super curl cream on every section until it felt wet, pulled and combed my curls straight, then cut. I didn’t leave my hair down for 2 weeks after because the layers looks too embarrassing and choppy. Not even a pony tail. I looked like a poofy third grader whose mom doesn’t know how to do curly hair! Aka my sister in third grade! It was stinky, it was uncomfortable, and when I told her I think it needs more blending, she cut more off the bottom ... at this point you’ll have better luck doing it at home with a YouTube video is what I thought so I left and agreed to let her know how her tips worked for me. They were everything I’ve already done and got bad results with so when I told her how bad it went and sent her my hair “pre transformation” being more curly than after, she responded with “hmm, let me think about that”. I didn’t hear for her for over a month. She just sent me some more hair product options yesterday .. all of which I’ve dabbled in before but she wouldn’t know that, because she didn’t hear my whole curly hair routine. Never trust a non professional, they may give you one too many 😧 faces while your in the chair. Like what she did to me, once is too many from a hair stylist. I’m not bitter about what happened, it was a life Lessen learned and I think I look better with shorter hair anyway (I got it re styled obvi). I just REALLY want to save anyone who cares about their hair from making my same mistakes.

Tons of New Tips!

Julie|March 21, 2018
I haven't been going to Kathryn long, but she's already taught me a lot of new tips on how to bring out a more natural look with my curls. She's knows her products and seeks to understand my hair to bring out its own curl so I don't have to work so hard to find it!

She knows curls

Tanya|February 13, 2018
Great cut! Lots of tips to help my curls.

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